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1: Trello is free
The core features of Trello are free. You can pay for an upgraded version if you need but many features are available free to improve your productivity.

2: It keeps you organized and focused
Trello uses boards and each board consists of headed lists. Each project is organized by a board, and each board can have a list. Tasks can have their own card which can be moved to a done list or be archived.

3: You can make checklists
Repeatable checklists are easy to make for your subtasks.

4: Conversations can be kept in the same place
You can make a single card for each task to keep it organized.  This keeps everything neat and tidy. You can add more detail by leaving a comment on the card.

5: Keep your project files together
You can attach files to cards to keep necessary files together.  This saves you time searching for them. Or keep the links to google docs/sheets all in one place.

6: Create cards by email
Cards can be created and added to boards by email directly from your. You can send it to Trello via the special email address and a new card will be created.

7: Trello is great for collaboration
Others can be invited to a board and be notified about the progress on a card (task) by being mentioned in the comment, added as a member to the card or subscribing to the card.

8: Nothing gets missed
Notifications stay within Trello. If they are unread, then an email is sent.

9: Set due dates for time sensitive tasks
Trello lets you set a date (and time) for something due by a particular date.
Card members or subscribers can get notified before the deadline and the date color changes according to the urgency.

10: Extras (Power Ups)
Trello’s Power-Ups offer a selection of extra features such as calendar, dropbox integration, slack, and evernote integrations. Free users are allowed one power-up per board.