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7 Tips to Bring in the Wow Factor!

Photos have a huge impact on us because we’re highly visual creatures.

When you consider that over 90% of the information, we take in is visual, photography takes on a whole new perspective.

Think of how powerful your photos could be on Instagram, a popular social media platform that focuses on photography.

There’s even more to the power of photos because photos bring back different memories, experiences and emotions in just 150 milliseconds.

Emotions are important and move you to take an action such as double tapping on Instagram, joining your email list and commenting.

If the viewer feels nothing, they’re more likely to move on. When they feel emotion, they will spend their precious time with you.

Using good photos on Instagram will:
✓ Identify you as being a professional
✓ Set you apart from your competitors
✓ Retain people
✓ Create a recognizable brand
✓ Draw them in to your content
✓ Add more inspiring content
✓ Allow them to connect with you
✓ Attract fans
✓ Make the first buying step easier with you
✓ Give fans a great, feel-good experience
✓ Open people up to wanting to know more
✓ Show your people you understand them
✓ Acknowledge you’re trendy
✓ Increase loyalty

Use the following tips to transform the look and feel of your Instagram photos.

1. Use your own photography.
It’s rare for entrepreneurs to use their own photos. Instead, they rely on stock photos which lack the sense of who you are and what you do that the viewer is searching for in order to know, like and trust you more.

You’ll immediately stand out and have the viewer’s attention when you use your own photos.

Time is brief in the social media world and your initial visual presence speaks volumes. Even introducing a few of your own photos is going to make an impact.

2. Bring your passion and be present when taking photos.
Why are you in business and in service?

The core of your business needs to be present in all your photos. By taking a moment before taking a photo and breathing into your why you allow your gifts to come through. Photos hold energy and the viewer is going to feel the energy you infused the photo with.

Tell your stories. What beautiful impressions do you want to leave about your business with the viewer? WOW!!

3. Your phone has a great camera and you can take good photos when you know how to properly use it.
When you hear the words hand-crafted, artisanal, one-of-a kind, personalized . . . they all reflect a feeling a uniqueness and special care.

It’s the same type of experience you want your photos to create.

One of feeling the attention and care you took when taking a professional looking photo that speaks uniquely to what your people are looking for. I.e., Nike – Just Do It, uses photos showing normal people having a great time being active.

If you’re unsure of how to take a good photo and capture your business stories authentically I can help you become the photographer you’ve wanted to become.

According to statistics, 80% of people say authenticity is a main factor when deciding on a brand. WOW!!

4. Keep it simple.
Do all the elements support a single idea?

Look for clutter that can be eliminated. I.e., Clutter on a desk or background.

People walking through the photo who aren’t part of the photo. Not setting up a product properly for a photo. Stay with your brand style.

5. Be consistent.
You need to regularly show up and once a week is a good start. Use a scheduler and automate. Be consistent with your look and the emotions you’re portraying which are part of your brand.

6. Schedule photo playtime into your day for a week.
Experiment with your photography for a week when you’re creating photo content by playing.

What would happen if you moved over, got down or over top of what you’re photographing?

Take photos in a very different way than you usually do and keep working with it as you look at each photo.

What do you like or not like? Try taking an overall photo then moving in for a part of the overall scene and moving in for more detail.

Try to recreate photography you like.

7. Be kind to yourself and remember it doesn’t need to be perfect.
When your child made art for you it was beautiful because it came from them.

Your essence is what your people are looking for. WOW!!

When you follow the tips above, you’ll shine through in your photography and connect with your people who’ve been waiting for you to show up.

Debbie’s Mission:

To joyfully and lovingly capture YOUR life through photography that is beautiful and true. And this I promise –

1. Feel more inspired.
2. Remember your life mattered.
3. Express yourself as only you can.

And that’s only the beginning.

You will know your photography is so special because you will uniquely capture your essence.
To find out more about the programs Debbie is currently offering for phone photography go to Debbie Flynn Photography
Debbie teaches live, online, private and group programs.