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Remember in school when the teacher would say “Keep your eyes on your paper”? Meaning don’t look at other people’s papers to get answers or ideas.

I read that phrase in a marketer’s email this morning and knew it could be helpful for you.

Just like in school where keeping your eyes on your own paper was a smart move, it is also a great practice as an entrepreneur. Don’t get hung up trying to keep up to the gurus that you follow. They’re not you!

You know your values, and recognize your strengths. Play to those assets. Focus on what you’re good at, or like to do, and do more.

• If you like to write, write! Start or expand on your blog, or enewsletter.
• If you don’t like writing, try video. Commit to regular production.
• If you don’t like video, try audio – start a podcast. Use your voice.

The point being, COMMIT to something, some kind of content creation that you want to do, or are willing to learn to do. And keep focused on your audience, your messages, your strategy.

Pick a Lane

If you’re going to be visible, you need to pick a lane and drive there for a while. Test out your chosen content strategy. Enjoy the journey and learn from your experience.

And testing is not just 3 or 4 blog posts, live streams, or podcast episodes. You need to commit to at least 6 months to a year to truly assess what your audience likes or dislikes, and what you can manage, sustain, and how you can grow.

Content is essential to building your credibility, showcasing your expertise, developing your authority.

You can certainly learn by observing other businesses and entrepreneurs, but to get results faster, keep your eyes on your own paper, roll up your sleeves, and take action.

Tick, tick, tick [that’s supposed to be a clock ticking – lol!]

This is the middle of the summer. What does the 2nd half of your year look like?

Do you want more clients so you can make more money?

Let’s do this! I’m cheering you on.

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As The Content Creation Mentor, Bonnie Chomica coaches her solopreneur clients to go from sporadically creating content to consistently producing compelling and engaging content so they can get more exposure, build their authority, and attract more clients.

With over 30 years in the marketing communications space, and a business owner since 2012, Bonnie draws on her vast experiences to share practical information so clients are confident to share their impactful messages.

Bonnie can help you plan, produce, and promote your valuable content so that you get more exposure, so more people can find you, and ultimately buy from you.

Learn more.