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At this Mega Grand Connection Partner Networking event, we will be partnering with three collaborative leaders and their communities:

• Monica Henderson of MinkLife University
• Iman Aghay of Success Road Academy
• Denny Brown of Connect Ottawa.

Our theme for August is Personal Brand. In the breakout rooms we will share strategies on creating a brand while we practice the art of our three values – connect, create and collaborate.

Date: Aug 6, 2021
Time: 90 minutes
11:30 am – 1:00 pm PDT
(2:30 pm – 4:00 pm EDT, 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm BST) Time converter
Location: Zoom
Agenda: 4-6 rounds of breakout rooms with short business tips in between!
Price: Free for Members and Friends

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Meet Our Partners

Iman Aghay
Iman Aghay is a serial entrepreneur, international speaker and 6-time #1 best-selling author. He is best known as the founder of Success Road Academy, and has created over 50 courses that help coaches, authors, speakers and entrepreneurs grow their business aligned with their life purpose.
In 2010, Iman founded Success Road Academy, which has become an industry leader in online marketing and training. Through Success Road Academy, Iman has worked with over 150,000 business owners. Iman’s TEDx talk is one of the world’s top-rated speeches, which focuses on how to live a life with no regrets.

Monica M. Henderson
Monica M Henderson, author, President of MinkLife University, and founder of MinkLife Motivation has over twenty years of expertise as a corporate executive, entrepreneur, consultant, and coach. Her background as a board executive, combined with her experience as an entrepreneur, positions her with a unique skill set to help individuals and organizations grow and prosper. Monica is a recognized expert in the field of leadership and execution. Her realization that most people have dreams to live their best life but struggle with actually living it, led her to the development of MinkLife Motivation Principles.

Denny Brown
Denny Brown is a 23-year veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces and a dedicated father and husband. Denny has had a variety of experience across the world in business practices, communications, marketing, and human and resource management. After suffering a horrible loss when his youngest child, Audrey, succumbed to a mitochondrial disease at the age of 3, Denny dedicates some of his time to bringing awareness to mitochondrial issues and raising funds for charities. Denny is a co-founder of Connect Ottawa, a joint endeavor of Margaret-Ann Davis, Berniie Franzgrote, and Denny Brown. Connect Ottawa was created as an inclusive community to bring all business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, and corporations together.

You Never Know Who You Will Meet!
Members have made many lasting relationships in the group that have turned into collaborative ventures, podcast interviews, partnerships, referral partners and good clients! The opportunity is to meet with like minded businesses to share skills, receive advice and collaborate! Strategic alliances are an essential part of succeeding in your grand adventure.

What to Expect:
The Grand Connection community is a welcoming group of like-minded businesses with a grand giving focus. At our partner networking events we connect, create, and collaborate by practicing introductions in small breakout groups and share ideas on a common theme. Between each round, you will have the opportunity to meet experts who will share valuable tips to help your business grow. You will get many opportunities to meet new business owners and fine tune your 30 second pitch in this fun, lively, structured event on zoom. Please have your camera, good lighting and microphone available. Practice your short introduction ahead and have a short write-up prepared to share in the chat.

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