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RECAP Sept 10 VA Match-Up Partner Event – Get Help and Get New Clients for Businesses, Freelancers and VAs

It was another grand event with over 100 business enthusiasts, VAs and freelancers. Our generous partners, Tawnya Sutherland, Michelle Thompson of Awesome Outsourcing and Jessica Koch of Jessica L. Koch Consulting LLC shared their expertise and resources on outsourcing to help you find collaborative support to grow and scale your business.

Tawnya Sutherland of, one of the pioneers in the VA ecosystem with over two decades of experience in virtual assistance broke down the concept of virtual assistants.


Grand Potential Podcast with Tawnya Sutherland Aug 10 2021

Have you every thought about hiring a VA?
This podcast interview with Tawnya Sutherland, a world leader in the VA training space goes through the nuts and bolts of outsourcing and how to get started, We learned about Tawnya’s own inspirational journey from being a VA herself as a single mom, to running an agency and building a training program to help VAs get 6 figure incomes.

Other great discussions included:
How to scale your own VA or service business up to 6 figures.
How to find a VA, vetting new team members, working offshore, dealing with passwords and trust.
How to get started working with a VA.


Grand Potential Podcast | The Brand of YOU With Lesley Everett

Visibility and profile building is key to our success. But if people don’t know who we are and what we really stand for, then we’re never going to get our brand and expertise across.

Personal branding expert Lesley Everett joins us today to talk about personal branding. A journey that started with her trying to figure out exactly who she was and what it is she is here to do. Today her purpose and passion in life is helping others to develop their personal brand so listen in and let’s get started on building your brand.


200 Services a Virtual Assistant Can Offer Clients

Any business can utilize the help of a Virtual Assistant (VA). If you have administrative, creative and/or technical tasks you don’t want to do yourself then this is where a VA can step in and help you out. That way you can focus on doing the tasks that make you more money not to mention you love doing!

The following list shows over 200 ways you can utilize the services of a Virtual Assistant which may or may not apply to your business, but may spark some new ideas regarding what a VA can do for your business.


60+ FREE Tools to Help You Easily Work From Home

Our joint venture partner Tawnya Sutherland has put together 60+ FREE tools to help you work from home.

Tawnya Sutherland has been a Virtual Assistant for over two decades now and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs over the years get up and running with their service based business working from home. It’s unusual times right now with current events forcing many folks to temporarily start working from home. Tawnya shares a list of her favourite resources to help self-employed people transition to their new work at home environment.


5 Top Reasons Why You Need A Remote Assistant

Ever feel like you’re stuck in a catch-22 situation where you would like to hire more people but don’t have money to do so? If you do, it may be the right time to get a remote assistant. Getting one shouldn’t cost much, and it’s one of the best investments you can make as a business owner.


The Importance of Collaboration

Nearly all entrepreneurial courses have a team-based project work aspect that gives the learners an opportunity to see the rewards of working hard to achieve a common goal. Outside the classroom, collaboration between entrepreneurs has been seen to produce successful results with some of the most common household names exhibiting the importance of collaboration. Some of these examples are Larry Page and Sergey Brin forming Google, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak forming Apple, and Bill Gates and Paul Allen with Microsoft. Huge companies have also been seen to collaborate to achieve a certain goal, with some of the famous partnerships including Cocacola and Heinz, GoPro and Red Bull, Starbucks and Spotify and UNICEF and Target.


RECAP July 30 When Great Is Not Enough: Understanding Your Cumulative Advantage With Mark Schaefer | Grand Connection

How can we be heard? This is the question on every entrepreneur’s mind and yet in today’s world it is getting harder and harder to be both seen and heard. We live in a time of information density or as Mark likes to call it – “Content Shock”, where information is coming at us full time around the clock.

Thanks to keynote speaker and author of “The Cumulative Advantage” Mark Schaefer the “HOW” was made a little easier at Friday’s Grand Event.


Sept 18 Master Class Developing a Dynamic You! Enhancing Your Presentation Skills With Mariah-Jane Thies

Giving presentations and pitching yourself well requires many skills.

The content has to be well written and organized, with the right language well-chosen for influence and clarity. But equally important is the delivery.

In this fun and interactive workshop, Mariah-Jane will lead you through movements and explorations that will help to unlock and discover a more dynamic you!

Vocal variety, gestures and facial expressions all require embodiment and authenticity to effectively impact the people viewing the presentation, whether it be live, virtual or recorded.


Sept 16 Member Mingle – Members Only Event

We are holding our first ever members mingle! This unique event is designed for members to get to know each other better to build those collaborative partnerships.

We will also be around to answer questions about the membership hub and share marketing opportunities for members.

And… there will be some surprises and a lot of fun!


Sept 10 VA Match-Up Partner Event – Get Help and Get New Clients for Businesses, Freelancers and VAs

Get the Help You Need! Delegate, Outsource, Get a VA! or …

If you are a VA, freelancer or service provider, you can find new clients who need your expertise and help!

We are hosting another popular MATCH-UP EDU-Networking Event. The Grand Connection Partner Event will help provide opportunities for businesses to find the help (administration, technical and creative support) AND on the other side, for freelancers and service providers to find new clients who need their expertise.

We are excited to partner with leaders in the outsourcing space – Tawnya Sutherland of, Michelle Thompson of Awesome Outsourcing and Jessica Koch of Jessica L. Koch Consulting LLC. These three partners will share their expertise and invite their communities to help you find collaborative support to grow and scale your business.


Sept 8 LinkedIn Posting Party With Epic Business Connections and The Grand Connection

The Grand Connection has partnered with EPIC! to offer our community the ever popular LinkedIn Posting parties on a monthly basis.

Curious about what its about? This is an opportunity to meet others AND also create engagement on each others posts. A great way to grow your connections, get more views on your posts and have some fun at the same time. EPIC has been running successful LinkedIn posting parties for some time and his members have achieved thousands of views.


Aug 20 The Brand of YOU With Lesley Everett | Grand Connection

You are your brand. Mastering your own personal brand can transform the success of your business.

The brand of any business today is what your clients SAY about you to their contacts. This will always come via an interaction with your people. When you are CEO of your own business, the brand of your business is YOU. Your business success and growth will depend on consistency of your brand messaging via interactions and behaviors with your clients, and ultimately HOW you make your clients feel. This is the piece that gets talked about, hence your brand and reputation build from here.

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