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Jan 21 | The 6 Rules of Productivity With Mike Vardy

The 6 Rules of Productivity

Do you feel like you’re constantly behind on your to-do list?

Do you feel like you can never seem to get ahead?

If so, it’s time to change your approach to productivity. In this talk, productivity expert Mike Vardy will teach you the six rules of productivity that will help you take control of your time and get more done. Each rule is simple but effective, and when put together they can revolutionize the way you work. So if you’re ready to start getting more out of your days, join us when Mike delivers this presentation on The 6 Rules of Productivity.


Dec 2021 Grand Giveaway – Get Over $8k in Free Gifts!

Our Community is so Grand!

40+ gifts to support your business success and self growth for 2022?

This fabulous giveaway, contributed by generous members of the Grand Connection has over $8,000 in FREE GIFTS for you!!! 

Some of the 40+ gifts topics include: negotiation, building an eLearning system, success strategies, lead generation, profitability, prosperity, productivity, energy healing, readings, spirituality, humor, hypnosis, vision planning, content strategy, looking slimmer style guide, content planning, presentation skills, productivity, making money, intuitive reading, private coaching, leadership, marketing, relationships and even gardening for kids!

There is something for everyone….how Grand!

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RECAP Dec 10 – Grand Connection Mega Networking Grand Giving Celebration & Giveaway

FRIDAY’S GRAND GIVEAWAY EVENT …was exactly that, JAM PACKED FULL of giveaways both in knowledge and FREE gifts from 6 of our members… Plus over $8k in giveaways for everyone from all our members! Get them here!

Members have a couple more days to contribute

6 GC Members shared their wisdom and experience around Grand Giving.

“People without vision lose hope!” – Carey Conley

Carey Conley of Vision is Victory – shared her 3 reasons for why a vision plan will help your business…


RECAP Nov 26 – 5 Key Consumer Post Pandemic Trends and Their Impact on YOUR Business for 2022 With Mary Charleson

WOW!! Friday was an intense event filled to overflowing with post-pandemic trends and insights from marketing expert, Mary Charleson of “5-Minute Marketing”. If you are looking for a place to start when it comes to tackling the next stage of real world marketing you won’t want to miss Mary’s “Top 5 Consumer Trends” … and how it will impact YOU and your business…


RECAP Oct 22 The Art & Science of Profitable Joint Ventures With Jay Fiset

Are you tired of constantly being on the search for your next client?

Joint venture specialist Jay Fiset of JVology joined us on Friday for a powerful talk on the the science and art of profitable join ventures. Jay taught us the importance of building our upstream, in-stream and downstream connections to find greater ongoing success without spending endless hours creating it.


Dec 15 Master Class Grand Giving Appreciation Marketing With Bonnie Chomica

Building relationships and customer loyalty by showing how grateful you are for your customers, partners and team is the foundation of appreciation marketing. Appreciation marketing is much more than a thank-you card. It also incudes staying in touch, compensation for referrals, and seeking feedback that can correct problems before they blow up.

In this workshop we will dive deeper into appreciation marketing by:

a) Looking at your marketing strategies and processes
b) Finding the right messaging and content that resonates with your clients
c) Following up in ways that create meaningful relationships


Nov 26 – 5 Key Consumer Post Pandemic Trends and Their Impact on YOUR Business for 2022 With Mary Charleson Grand Connection

Our favorite marketing trends expert (and GC member!) Mary Charleson is joining us again to help us create more success in 2022

The pandemic caused considerable shifts in consumer behavior. Over the last 18 months these changes have presented both challenge and opportunity for business. While we’ve yet to see what will remain permanent in a post pandemic era, there are certainly hints of what to expect based on extracting insight from macro trends already emerging.

This presentation will look at five key consumer post pandemic trends and how they are apt to impact business longer term. We’ll consider challenges and opportunities associated with each, so you can leverage the insight for your marketing. We’ll also look at the changing landscape of social media amidst these shifts, and consider two big trends there, likely to have the most impact on your social media marketing over the next several years.

Buckle up, it’s going to be an informative and fun ride!


Nov 20 Master Class | Transform Your Business Clarity With an Inspired Business Vision Blueprint – Carolyn Cooper-McOuatt and Rasa Disalvo

Define, Design and Declare a New Revitalized Business Vision!

Come join Carolyn and Rasa  for an extraordinary workshop to learn how to transform your business clarity, focus, planning and profits with a well-crafted business vision. You will discover how it is the superpower tool to support your business foundation and growth and the means to become prepared, systematic, and meaningful to maximize your grand potential.

It’s vital to document what you truly want in your business with your core values, your why, your mission and intentions with strong follow through and support. This allows you to be crystal clear on where you are going, grounded and confident in the process. An Inspired Business Vision Blueprint gives you support and cultivates an abundant mindset of prosperity; mindset matters!


Nov 12 Grand Connection Partner Networking Event With Tonya Hofmann, Eli Marcus and Mark Porteous

At this Mega Grand Connection Partner Networking event, we will be partnering with three collaborative leaders and their communities.

• Tonya Hofmann of BeeKonnected
• Eli Marcus of The Motivation Show
• Mark Porteous of

Our partners will be sharing their experience and wisdom on creating a powerful business vision and perspective. A well-crafted strategic business vision gives you clarity, focus and the confidence to plan with purpose and go after your dreams. Each of our partners will share their tips, tools and strategies to allow you to more easily control your outcomes and profits. Connect, create and collaborate with a revitalized vision to maximize your grand potential.


Nov 10 LinkedIn Posting Party With Epic! Business Connections and the Grand Connection

The Grand Connection has partnered with EPIC! to offer our community the ever popular LinkedIn Posting parties on a monthly basis.

Curious about what its about? This is an opportunity to meet others AND also create engagement on each others posts. A great way to grow your connections, get more views on your posts and have some fun at the same time. EPIC has been running successful LinkedIn posting parties for some time and his members have achieved thousands of views.


Nov 2 Member Mingle Masterminds + Hot Seats

Join our next Member Mingle! Let’s get to know each other, level up our marketing and have fun!

At this event, we will introduce ourselves, have some mastermind breakouts and take part in volunteer hot seats with peer to peer feedback. Bring your burning questions to find some direction from the community.

Member Mingle events are more intimate meetings that are designed for members to get to know each other better to build collaborative partnerships, receive and share feedback and share marketing opportunities.


Oct 22 The Art & Science of Profitable Joint Ventures With Jay Fiset Grand Connection Speaker Event “The Show”

Do you want to understand the science of creating profitable joint ventures to grow your business to 6 figures or higher? Well you don’t want to miss this dynamic Grand Connection with JV Expert Jay Fiset, the founder of JVology.

The Art & Science of Profitable Joint Ventures is an energetic and interactive presentation where you will discover:

1. The JV Mindset that will make you not just attractive, but totally irresistible to other partners.
2. How to tap into the NATURAL FLOW of your ideal client’s journey and create unlimited lead flow.
3. The ninja secrets to connect, contribute and leverage existing communities to supercharge YOUR business.

Jay will show you the mistakes you should avoid if you want to succeed in the Joint Ventures world and teach the importance behind the philosophy of “Give at first instead of just go for the sale”.


Top 10 Tips for Successful Collaboration

Collaboration unlocks new opportunities for businesses that could otherwise not be achieved on your own. When businesses come together, they are able to achieve goals that might have previously seemed impossible to achieve. For collaborations to be successful, like any relationship, there needs to be rules that guide these partnerships and how the parties involved in the collaboration relate to one another. Some of the things to take into account for successful collaborations are:

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