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Recap Jan 22 Real Time Connections Wellness Event: Healthy You, Healthy Connections, Healthy Business

Each of our JV partners shared their passion and enthusiasm for wellness as leaders in the healthcare industry. They are truly on a quest to support us to make wellness a priority with sharing their insightful approaches to connect, create and collaborate with our well-being and communities.


Jenny Ryce from Your Holistic Earth spoke about how connecting with our wellness is a priority. To think about redefining our wellness. The world health organization defines wellness as our  physical, mental and social well being. The Canadian Mental Health Association says 62% of business owners feel depressed once a week. We need to change this.


Grand Potential Podcast | Camille Miller With The Natural Life Business Partnership

The Natural Life Business Partnership (NLBP) was born from the unique vision of Camille Miller, and her need to find a community of her own. With her deep spiritual beliefs, and being grounded by a holistic lifestyle, she began studying different modalities of natural health and the mind-body connection. As she learned of the many small businesses and practitioners that were a part of the natural lifestyle, she wanted to make an impact in their business world as well as have her work truly reflect what she stood for as a person.

NLBP and its members have deep rooted beliefs that we are a system of integrated parts, which include our emotions, behaviors, thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, and bio-chemistry.


Feb 19 Real Time Connections Partner Event: Better Communications for Better Connections With CIBN Connect, and BizSocial Networking | Grand Connection

Join us Feb 19 for our Real Time Connections Business Networking Partner Event.

The theme of this month’s networking event is creating valuable connections through good communications. Learn how to build a strong well-connected network and form solid relationships with the vital aspects of trust, credibility and integrity. Let’s grow our businesses by communicating successfully and making meaningful connections in 2021.

Meet Our Exciting Partners

Learn about other networking organizations and build even more connections through other networking communities too!

We are excited to be partnering with Camille Miller from The Natural Life Business Partnership, Kerry George from CIBN Connect and Brian Morrison from Biz Social Networking.


Feb 5 The Power of Video in 2021: Increase your influence, make an impact & grow your income | Grand Connection

Grow Your Business with the Power of Video!

Are you ready to get in front of more people in 2021? Create your own client attracting videos that make a bigger impact, build online influence and generate more income.


Video strategist Sheryl Plouffe is going to share her insights and action steps to help us build our businesses with online videos.

If you want to become more visible and powerful in 2021, learn more about how to create influential videos, then this event is for you!


Boost Your Conversions & Get Found With a Winning Website – Susan Jarema New Earth Marketing

In this workshop we will have an interactive discussion about ways to make your website sell better. We will learn concepts as we actively audit our websites in the group using a checklist. You will leave with a complete list of action items to get started on immediately.

This 2 hour workshop, regular $199 is complimentary. If you are thrilled with you results, I kindly request a small donation to Project Somos, the charity we raised money for at the Grand Connection December 2020.


RECAP Mike Vardy, The Productivityist: The True Speed of Time Management

The Grand Connections community was thrilled to meet Mike Vardy and here for the first time his new talk “The True Speed of Time Management”.

Mike Vardy shared his passion and enthusiasm for crafting time as the Productivityist. He is truly on a quest to help us to stop “doing” productive and start “being” productive. He shared his practical approaches to TimeCrafting with strategies and tactics for developing task and time management.

The world is moving at a breakneck pace. We are inundated with information 24/7 and are expected to deliver the goods at both work and home while digesting everything that comes our way. It’s a challenge for us to keep up with everything we need to do – let alone get ahead so we can spend time on the things we want to do.


Grand Potential Podcast | Mike Vardy The Productivityist on TimeCrafting!

A productive mindset can make all the difference in achieving your business goals. We were honoured to interview Mike for our upcoming podcast, The Grand Potential. This interview held so many productive gems that have already helped us start the year off right. Enjoy!

In this talk Mike gives us advice on how to make time to fit in a writing a book and yoga! Ideas that can apply to all projects … PLUS hear Mike’s journey from Costco to comedian and writing parody, to becoming an expert on Productivity. And discover his nickname from high school, his fav podcast too and more about the art of managing your time.

Mike Vardy is a writer, productivity strategist, and the creator of the methodology and philosophy known as TimeCrafting. He has a popular podcast and is the author of several books, including The Front Nine: How to Start the Year You Want Anytime You Want and the upcoming TimeCrafting: A Better Way to Get The Right Things Done.


Podcast Interview on Focus and Freedom With Val Low – History of the Internet

I am honored to have been a guest on the podcast Focus and Freedom with Val Low. Val’s very practical podcast helps entrepreneurs find focus and productivity in their business.

In this episode, we took a trip down memory lane with online changes over the last 20 years. I started my first business in 1991 the year the internet was first announced. I welcome you to join us for a fun look at changes over the years and some practical tips for staying connected in business.

On Apple iTunes – Click Here
On Stitcher – Click Here


DEEP DIVE With Mary Charleson – 13 Pandemic Behaviours, Trends & Opportunities

Susan and Carolyn took a further deep dive with Mary Charleson as a follow up to her presentation on November 20th 2020 | 13 Pandemic Digital Marketing Trends: Finding Opportunity During COVID-19. Our Grand Connection with our guest Mary Charleson was so well received that we asked Mary to expand upon the talk for use all to get more practical ideas on how to take these trends a step further to grow our businesses.


Jan 22 Real Time Connections Wellness Event: Healthy You, Healthy Connections, Healthy Business

Join us to learn how to live healthier, feel better and keep healthy habits active. When you take care of yourself, you have the energy and health to be successful in your business… a healthy you = a healthy business!

We are excited to be partnering with Your Holistic Earth,  Wellnessnews Canada and The Holistic Chamber of Commerce

The pandemic has led us to many unhealthy habits that have impacted our lives and businesses. This has been a period of high anxiety for all of us. We can change that! Start your year off strong by meeting businesses and health practitioners to get advice and collaborate with! 

Everyone is welcome to this free networking event. Invite your friends so we can all be inspired on our wellness journey together.

At real-time connection we connect, create and collaborate by practicing introductions in small breakout groups. You will get to meet new business owners in many groups to fine tune your pitch and make new connections. We will move from group to group to speed network in this fun, lively event on zoom.


Jan 8 Level Up Your Productivity in 2021 With Mike Vardy, “The Productivityist”: Discover the True Speed of Time Management | Grand Connection

Level Up Your Productivity in 2021 With Mike Vardy, The Productivityist: Discover The True Speed of Time Management

2021 is the year of productivity. Business has shifted, we have worked hard to navigate change and now its time to start managing our time better to make more room for the things we care about.

The Grand Connection is thrilled to have as a guest Mike Vardy, a well know expert in the productivity space join us to share his wisdom. and teach us the one simple thing he did over a decade ago that empowered him to run his days instead of letting his days run him.


April 23 Business Networking Partner Event With Jumpstart Your Biz, Entrepreneurs Rocketfuel EPIC! Business Connections | Grand Connection

At this Grand Connection Partner Networking event, we will be partnering with three networking leaders and their organizations – Katrina Sawa, Jumpstart Your Biz, Kimberley Crowe, Entrepreneurs Rocketfuel and Bryan Daly: EPIC! Business Connections.  You will get the opportunity to learn about their organizations and meet business enthusiasts from all over the world.

In the breakout rooms we will share strategies on dealing with uncertainty and ways to pivot, transform and manage change, or if something is blocking you, how to shift your mindset to move forwards through change.

Our theme for April is on Creating Certainty in Uncertain Times. In the breakout rooms we will share strategies on dealing with uncertainty and ways to pivot, transform and manage change, or if something is blocking you, how to shift your mindset to move forwards through change.


May 7 Emotional Intelligence: Today’s Leadership Superpower With Carolyn Stern | Grand Connection

Carolyn Stern
As a professor with the School of Business at Capilano University, Carolyn Stern pioneered the integration of Emotional Intelligence into Capilano’s curriculum. An Emotional Intelligence and leadership development expert, Carolyn combines real-world experience as both a business leader with more than two decades as a trainer and educator. Her company, EI Experience, provides leadership development and emotional intelligence training for all management levels and businesses of all sizes and scope. Since launching EI Experience in 2017, Carolyn has helped more than 10,000 business leaders leverage their emotional intelligence skills to connect with their diverse workforce and develop high-performing teams.


Grand Connection Fundraiser for Project Somos in Guatemala – Dec 2020

The Grand Connection and members are proud to be supporting Project Somos as the charity we will support for the Dec 4th event.  Please register here for the Grand Holiday Business Networking Party – all welcome!

Canada and the USA will receive a tax receipt if donations are made through the following links. Please put “Grand Connection” in the message box so we can track your donation and send you the prizes.

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