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RECAP SEPT 25 MIKE WOLF Business Mistakes With Mike Wolf and Tips for Financial Freedom

Our Sept 25 Grand Connection was very valuable!

Mike Wolf shared with us how to work smarter and not harder in business. Like most people he started out broke not really knowing how to build a business and that he did not have a clue.

Since then, he has participated in a lot of entrepreneurial ventures. He said there is an evolution and there’s never really a finish line. He recommends to just keep going and keep making it better as you evolve!

Mike figured it all out of necessity – how to have balance and go from being a workaholic to playaholic and now to do the things that he loves.


Nov 20 – 13 Pandemic Digital Marketing Trends: Finding Opportunity During COVID-19

Mary Charleson, is a marketing speaker, educator and strategist

The pandemic has caused considerable shifts in consumer behavior. As a result, many businesses have had to address changes in their marketing plans, and in particular how they are utilizing digital and social media. This talk will look at important trends, address digital marketing best practices and challenge some previous assumptions as we adjust our approach to the COVID-19 environment.

The presentation will be both informative and interactive, incorporating break-out sessions and discussion to further understand and apply the material.


Nov 6 Real Time Connections Partner Event | Grand Connection

Real Time Connections Business Networking on Zoom
Real Time Connections Networking on Zoom

Connect, create and collaborate by practicing introductions in small breakout groups. Our guest networking experts will share valuable tips that we get to practice. You will get to meet new business owners in many groups to fine tune your 30 and 60 second pitch. We will move from group to group to speed network in this fun, lively event on zoom.

We will be joint venturing with three virtual networking organizations. This will be especially fun as we have partnered with MBX Events from the US, from Scotland and CafeLifestyle Socials Networking from Toronto Canada. Our guest networking experts will share valuable tips about how to be the most effective at networking online.

Date: Nov 6, 2020
Time: 9:00 AM -10:30 AM PST
Location: Zoom
Price: FREE


Oct 23 Traditional Marketing Is Broken (and 5 Ways to Fix It) With Jim Ewel | Grand Connection

Leading Agile Marketing Author, Consultant and Speaker

To soar in the twenty-first century, marketing needs a twenty-first century approach; and that approach is, in a word, Agile.

Do you wonder why traditional marketing is not working anymore?

Are you unsure where to spend your marketing investment?

Now is the time to fix your marketing efforts and discover the unique trends available with agile marketing. It is now a necessity in our current market to go from surviving to thriving in our post COVID world. This is a new paradigm in promotion that is lean, dynamic and agile.


RECAP SEPT 10 Tips From Power Partners at Real Time Connections

We were thrilled to collaborate with Terilee Harrison of TEAM Referral Virtual Network, Global and Chris Christoff of The Connect Collaborative from Brisbane Australia who both shared brilliant virtual networking tips. It was a powerful collaborative networking experience for businesses from around the globe including Scotland, the UK, India and North America. Businesses came together to virtually network in rounds of intentional break out sessions and practice their introductions.

Terilee Harrison shared how you can maximize our time with online networking. The concept of putting your “Big Ask” out there. She says we don’t ask big enough. It’s up to us to ask people we meet for what we need in a way they can hear it. Put it out there on a silver platter so they say to themselves “Oh I know how to help here”. Terilee invited us not to waste our time and to maximize our time to get the most out of these events we can.

Her recommendation is to make a list:

  • Create a description of your best clients and share that with the group.
  • Decide how you could ask for more than one client at a time.
  • Ask to meet your competition to collaborate.

Network with your power partners, the people who share your clients.

Always put out there:

  • This is who I am …
  • This is what I do …
  • A good power partner for me is _____.

When we play small we don’t get what we are looking for. Make your “BIG ASK” so audacious that we chuckle. By putting your big ask out there it will change the trajectory of your business. It will bring results you are looking for. Terilee promises you will be glad you did!

Chris’s networking tip was how to approach networking. He says it’s about the relationship more than the transaction. He recommends us to connect with people to build the know, like and trust factor. He shared that there is a fear component in networking and that online events are a safe environment to get to know people and develop those relationships. To take a referral to another level; both parties have a reputational capital that is sound. We can look at people inside your industry and the swimming lanes; either side of your industry. They can make great collaborators. To collaborate and refer across to each other is a great opportunity. Also, think about networking outside your industry. It’s not what you know or even who you know, it’s who they know. Make a connection through a connection. He explained that LinkedIn is a great tool to reach out and search to find the right contacts you are looking for.

For those who missed the last Grand Connection event, the Power of Podcasting, you can find it, along with other recordings and offers in the Facebook Group.



Oct 9 Real Time Connections – Grand Connection

Real Time Connections – Speed Networking

Connect, create and collaborate by practicing introductions in small breakout groups. Our guest networking experts will share valuable tips that we get to practice. You will get to meet new business owners in many groups to fine tune your 30 and 60 second pitch. We will move from group to group to speed network in this fun, lively event on zoom.

We are joint venturing with three virtual networking organizations: Biz Social – Brian Morrison from the UK, Farah Networking – Farah Hussain from Scotland and The Connected Woman – Cathy Kuzel from Canada. Our guest networking experts will share valuable tips about how to be the most effective at networking online.


Sept 25 Top 3 Biggest Business Mistakes With Mike Wolf and Tips for Financial Freedom | Grand Connection

Do you want to grow your business, avoid costly mistakes, create more time AND have more freedom for the things you love to do? 

Come join us to be inspired to work smarter, not harder. Mike Wolf will share with us brilliant ideas on how to create more time and freedom in your business to build the live the life you have always dreamed of. We welcome you to expand your network, connect with new businesses, create new opportunities to collaborate and grow.



Michelle Abraham

Michelle shared her deep passion for podcasting, the global trending podcasting landscape and how podcasts amplify your influence.

She told us that we are in the golden age of podcasting with tons of room for growth.

No other platform even compares to podcasting in regard to time spent.

Facebook – 18.2 seconds
YouTube – 4 minutes 20 seconds
Instagram – 26 seconds


INVITE THE MOST GUESTS CONTEST – and Win a ReLaunch Method Mastermind with Hilary DeCesare

The Grand Connection Community is having a contest for our members. Winners will those who invite the most NEW guests who attend our meeting August 14!  A group of winners will have the opportunity to spend 90 minutes with Hilary DeCesare in a small group MASTERMIND DEEP DIVE experiencing the ReLaunch Method for Business (valued at $1000).

The ReLaunch method provides tools for change and supports you to get back to relaunching your revenue.  


RECAP JULY 17: Write a Dynamic 60 Second Pitch That Rocks! With Judy Carter

Judy Carter

It was a extraordinary event July 17th with Judy Carter. Her formula for creating a memorable 60 sec pitch was well received and we have all been practicing. This will be so useful for our rounds of real-time connections.

If you missed this talk, it is saved in the facebook group. Also the handout is in the comments. Judy generously offered our group one year access to her online message of your program. Details for this is also in the group.


Sept 10 Real Time Connections Virtual Networking | Grand Connection

Real Time Connections – Building Relationships

Join us for the opportunity to be a part of this collaborative networking event. The Grand Connection is pleased to partner with two global virtual networking organizations bringing us greater potential to connect, create and collaborate.

At this event, we will build virtual networking skills and new business relationships as we move around from room to room. In addition to meeting new potential collaborators and customers, you will receive networking tips and have the opportunity to practice your introductory pitch with intention.

Date: Sep 10 PDT (Sept 11 AEST/Brisbane)
Time: 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM PDT (12:00 PM – 1:30 PM AEST/Brisbane)
Venue: Zoom
Price: FREE


August 28 The Power of Podcasting to Grow Your Business With Michelle Abraham | Grand Connection

Michelle Abraham – International Speaker, Podcast Host, Founder of Amplifyou

Are you searching for more ways to reach new clients? Are you an expert in your field?

Have you been a guest on a podcast, considered creating your own or new to the power of podcasting? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we invite you to join us Aug 28th for this free event on zoom.

Michelle Abraham will share with us the global trending podcasting landscape. Discover the value of podcasts to amplify your influence.

The Grand Connection is thrilled to have Michelle Abraham, international speaker, podcast host and podcast producer. Michelle is the founder of Amplifyou, voted #16 of the top 50 Moms in Podcasting by Podcast Magazine. Kevin Harrington, the original shark on the hit TV Show Shark Tank says Amplifyou is North America’s top Podcast Management Company.


RECAP AUG 14 Get Unstuck & ReLaunch Now During Uncertain Times – Hilary DeCesare

Hilary DeCesare

This was a fabulous talk and we do recommend watching the recording if you missed it. Here are a few notes of interest.

Hilary asked us what is going well in our business and life and what is holding us back? She shared with us the ReLaunch Recipe for Change and its formula which is the foundation and asked if our vision for the future is super clear. Hilary recommended we have a plan and know our WHY behind it. Of interest is 95% of our decisions are made by our subconscious mind and that we need to OWN our energy. We have the ability to change our thoughts and have 60,000 thoughts an hour and 2000 visual images. Questions to think about: 1. What we are propagating?  2. If we could re-imagine three areas of our business / life what would they be and what is one small step we can take? Hilary said that stress is fear and resistance and that we CAN go from transition to transformation!


August 14 Get Unstuck & ReLaunch Now During Uncertain Times With Hilary DeCesare | Grand Connection

Hilary DeCesare – Award-winning Entrepreneur, Executive Coach, CEO of The ReLaunch Co.

Has the uncertainty of COVID left you feeling stuck, fearful and in doubt about your business? Is the fear of transitioning your business digitally left you feeling anxious?

The Grand Connection is thrilled to have Hilary DeCesare, CEO of The ReLaunch Co. join us from San Francisco to share her wisdom on mastering the unstuck mindset and transforming your business. Discover how to hit the reset button to become a powerhouse of possibility.

Hilary has been a featured speaker at conferences nationwide and guest on ABC’s The Secret Millionaire! She has been seen on CBS, ABC, Fox, Huffington Post and Yahoo.

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