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7 Photography Tips for Instagram With Debbie Flynn

7 Tips to Bring in the Wow Factor!

Photos have a huge impact on us because we’re highly visual creatures.

When you consider that over 90% of the information, we take in is visual, photography takes on a whole new perspective.

Think of how powerful your photos could be on Instagram, a popular social media platform that focuses on photography.

There’s even more to the power of photos because photos bring back different memories, experiences and emotions in just 150 milliseconds.

Emotions are important and move you to take an action such as double tapping on Instagram, joining your email list and commenting.

If the viewer feels nothing, they’re more likely to move on. When they feel emotion, they will spend their precious time with you.


RECAP Aug 18 | GC Panel Networking Event: Financial Literacy, Abundance & Fun

There were so many valuable nuggets and connections made.

Some takeaways to watch for in the recording are:

  • If you don’t know your numbers, you will fail
  • Knowing your unique business ratios and what works for you
  • The significance of pricing yourself properly
  • Value = Money
  • The numbers you need to know and your KPIs
  • What it takes to get a client and cost of client acquisition
  • How to leverage your momentum
  • Having purpose, passion and a vision and clear goals
  • Collecting data helps you make better decisions
  • How to gauge the financial health of your business

RECAP Aug 9 | Grand Podcasters Group Meeting – Know Your Numbers

“If you don’t know your numbers, you don’t know your business.” — Marcus Lemonis

There were so many valuable nuggets and connections made. Members, you can catch the recording in the Hub.

We announced the details of our new COLLABORATIVE PODCAST PROMOTION CAMPAIGN.


This cooperative package, FREE for group members includes:

  • Podcast Listings
  • Group Podcast Page With Introduction Videos
  • Be part of the subscribe/follow/JV list
  • Campaign with boosted posts, press release and social reach
  • Collaborative marketing through the group
  • Livestream Interviews

Get your podcast up in the listings!

Do you have a podcast, want to start a podcast or have a client with a podcast? Our next podcaster meeting is Sept 13.


The Shifting Winds of LinkedIn Engagement with JD Gershbein

Hailed as the social networking site for business professionals since its inception, LinkedIn continues to thrive in a highly volatile social media climate.

As of this writing, the site, nearing a generation into its existence, is awash with activity—a far cry from what it looked like back in the day.

As LinkedIn has changed, so have the ways we engage on it.

We no longer communicate purely for new business or new employment.

LinkedIn now holds a mirror to the human condition.


Business From The Heart Conference and Awards Gala | Vote For Your Favorite Businesses until Sept 30th

The Grand Connection has been nominated in two fabulous award categories for the Business from the Heart Conference and Awards Gala, hosted by our friends at Your Holistic Earth.

  • People’s Choice Award Canada
  • Impact Award

Many of our Grand Connection members have also been nominated and we are so proud of each and everyone of the nominees who influence and impact the world in meaningful, positive ways as entrepreneurs.


The Internet: It’s About Building Community, Not Audience! with Diana Morgan

We are in the world of Web 3.0 now.

Just to review, Web 1.0 which began in the 1990’s was about sharing information.

Web 2.0 was about reading and writing, an exchange of ideas, and then became even more about interacting when social media started.

Now we are in Web 3.0 which is even more about interacting, building relationships.

In many ways it may still look like we’re in 2.0 because much of Web 3.0 development is happening on the “back end”, the web we don’t see.

It’s about search results.

Soon you will see the changes on the front end.



Sept 24 | The Big Pivot and Uplevel Summit with Carolyn Cooper-McOuatt

Join our very own Carolyn Cooper-McOuatt for The Big Pivot and Uplevel Summit this September 24th.

Carolyn will be speaking along with a panel of experts who are all sharing their winning marketing strategies to help you up-level your business. If you find yourself wondering how to go from surviving to thriving in the new economy, how to combat uncertainty by accessing clarity, focus and direction, and how to recession-proof your business with authority, then you will not want to miss this!


RECAP Sept 15 | 7 Steps to Elevate Your LinkedIn Style with JD Gershbein | Grand Connection

Wasn’t today a totally amazing and mind-blowing event? Thanks to Leading LinkedIn Expert JD Gershbein, our brilliant speaker for our GC Speaker event today.

LinkedIn is an ever changing platform that we, professionals and companies, should be on. It is also now favoring community builders and content creators.

During his talk JD shared lots of nuggets related to the following topics:

  • How to build new insights to elevate their LinkedIn profiles,
  • How to strengthen critical relationships and open more conversations with decision-makers; and
  • How to capitalize on new growth opportunities.

The Grand Podcasters Collaborative Marketing Program

We are starting to put together the elements of this new program that will be launched at the end of October. Now is the time to come to our next grroup meeting and learn about it to make sure you are enrolled. Start off by getting your podcast added to the Grand Connection listings in the membership hub.

This cooperative package, FREE for group members includes:

  • Podcast Listings (bonus if you already have 3)
  • Group Podcast Page With Introduction Videos
  • Be part of the subscribe/follow/JV list
  • Campaign with boosted posts, press release and social reach
  • Collaborative marketing through the group
  • Livestream Interviews

Grand Giveaway Fall/Winter 2022

Its time for the Grand Giveaway Fall/ Winter 2022! This is one of our grandest collaborative marketing events of the year. This is a great opportunity for you to gain visibility, build your email list, find new clients and meet grand connection collaboration partners.

Who can apply: Open to all members of the Grand Connection.


Business Growth Buffet Recipes for Grand Success FLIP BOOK


The Conference Flip Book With the Grand Recipes of Success (and all the recordings) is now available. Meet fellow GC Members and hear all the Grand Talks. Yes, this is FREE for you and we welcome you to share this valuable resource with your friends. We are so proud of this collaborative accomplishment from our members and especially Dave Howard of MomentStorm Media who pulled it all together.

Get Your Copy here


Five-Minute Marketing tips from Mary Charleson

What marketers need to know about Google’s helpful content update

I’m glad to be back writing my newsletter the week prior to sending. I took a break from the (at times tiring) process of producing fresh content each week over the summer. But rather than stray from a weekly newsletter, which I’ve done since 2008, I cued up pre-produced batched content for the summer at the end of June, and then put the schedule on auto pilot to enjoy some time at the cabin. That’s the high value placed on consistency, which is key to ensuring content marketing works over the long run. Admittedly it’s a challenge faced by many bloggers, podcasters, video publishers and newsletter authors – how so best take a break.

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