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Five-Minute Marketing tips from Mary Charleson

What marketers need to know about Google’s helpful content update

I’m glad to be back writing my newsletter the week prior to sending. I took a break from the (at times tiring) process of producing fresh content each week over the summer. But rather than stray from a weekly newsletter, which I’ve done since 2008, I cued up pre-produced batched content for the summer at the end of June, and then put the schedule on auto pilot to enjoy some time at the cabin. That’s the high value placed on consistency, which is key to ensuring content marketing works over the long run. Admittedly it’s a challenge faced by many bloggers, podcasters, video publishers and newsletter authors – how so best take a break.


Are You Copying Someone Else’s Content Journey? by Bonnie Chomica

Remember in school when the teacher would say “Keep your eyes on your paper”? Meaning don’t look at other people’s papers to get answers or ideas.

I read that phrase in a marketer’s email this morning and knew it could be helpful for you.

Just like in school where keeping your eyes on your own paper was a smart move, it is also a great practice as an entrepreneur. Don’t get hung up trying to keep up to the gurus that you follow. They’re not you!


Business Growth Buffet Recipes for Grand Success FLIP BOOK


The Conference Flip Book With the Grand Recipes of Success (and all the recordings) is now available. Meet fellow GC Members and hear all the Grand Talks. Yes, this is FREE for you and we welcome you to share this valuable resource with your friends. We are so proud of this collaborative accomplishment from our members and especially Dave Howard of MomentStorm Media who pulled it all together.

Get Your Copy here.

Grand Potential Podcast With Eric Lofholm | Sales Mastery

In this interview, Eric shared with us some of his background in his career and many grand tips to make sales easy for us all.

Eric Lofholm, best-selling author of “The System”, and master sales trainer who has helped over 10,000 students make more sales join us on the podcast today.

If you are someone who is struggling when it comes to sales, Eric was once where you are now. Struggling to make a sale, on the brink of being let go and in stepped his first mentor that spoke his language and turned it all around.


RECAP March 17th – GC Panel Networking Event With CEO Space and Top Talent

WOW! What an event…

This past Thursday March 17th over 120 Grand Givers met with us to connect, create and collaborate and learn some new skills for moving forward in business.

We were joined by the best in the business September Dohrmann, Richard Kaye and David T. Fagan to hear them share their top tips, insight and knowledge on what it takes to grow authentically and connect deeper with both current and potential clients.


Nov 22 | Craft Your Grand Giving Story with Deb Alcadinho and Julie Ann | Master Class

Join us for a valuable master class with GC member Deb Alcadinho of Business 4 Social Good, and Julie Ann of Influence Publishing, to find your story of purposeful passion, and share it with the world.

Stories are important to connect us to our audience who make buying decisions every day, with businesses and brands that resonate with their values and ideals. In this powerful workshop, Deb will help us clarify our stories to share in our business and also at the Grand Giving Conference in December.

Julie Ann will share how to amplify our stories to a broader audience and get impact using publicity and collaborative strategies.


Nov 17 | Key Marketing Trends and Their Impact on YOUR Business for 2023 With Mary Charleson | Grand Connection

The last two years have seen a whirlwind of change in consumer behavior. Now, as we emerge from the pandemic, it’s time to take stalk of what shifts have become permanent, and what that means to your business in terms of risks and opportunity. This presentation will look at not only consumer trends, but also macro business and technology trends, with a particular focus on digital and social media marketing, to help you better prepare for the impact in 2023.

Buckle up. As always, it’s going to be an informative and fun ride!


Nov 9 | LinkedIn Posting Party Grand Connection & EPIC!

The Grand Connection has partnered with EPIC! to offer our community the ever popular LinkedIn Posting parties on a monthly basis.

Curious about what its about? This is an opportunity to meet others AND also create engagement on each others posts. A great way to grow your connections, get more views on your posts and have some fun at the same time. EPIC has been running successful LinkedIn posting parties for some time and his members have achieved thousands of views.

Everyone is welcome to come to this free event.


Nov 8 | The Grand Podcasters Group Meeting: Guest-Host Matchup. Guests Are Welcome!

This is a special podcaster group event that is OPEN to guests. We will be sharing strategies to become a perfect guest and offering a matchup at the end. Save the time to stay on at end for extra networking.

The Grand Podcasters Group is a place where podcasters (and those who want to start a podcast) can connect to share value, makes an impact, and reach a large audience through community.

This month’s monthly event is a Guest-Host match-up.



Nov 2 | Member Success Session

Open office hours to answer any questions about your membership and the membership hub marketing platform. Susan is also available to help you with your marketing questions … lead magnets, conversions strategies, SEO, sales funnels, sales blueprints, Website messaging, branding and more. Bring your questions!

Yes, you will meet some Grand members too!


Nov 2 | Member Mingle

Join our next Member Mingle to find referral and collaboration partners. Bring your Big Ask. Let’s get to know each other, level up our marketing and have fun!

Some of the things we do at the Mingle…

• Breakout discussions based on the monthly theme.
• Referral Partner Introductions
• Member Spotlights
• Occasionally we jump into a love seat (aka hot seat) to provide peer to peer feedback.

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