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Grand Potential Podcast


Grand Potential Podcast With Jay Fiset | Profitable Joint Ventures

After 25 years in the personal development arena, our guest, Jay Fiset decided that he wanted to jump into the world of digital marketing. A world in which he failed miserably in. Not just failed but as he said; may as well have been standing in his backyard burning his bills in a barrel.

It wasn’t until he started truly listening to the marketplace, and began selling what people actually wanted that things got easier.

From the hard lessons of failure to the rise in success through the vehicle of joint ventures and collaborations “JVology” was born.

Listen in as we take a closer look at what Jay learned each step of the way and how you can make the same possible for yourself.


Grand Potential Podcast With Tonya Hofmann of BeeKonnected | Bring Your “A” Game to Connecting

Once a shy, nervous little girl, our guest, Tonya Hofmann of BeeKonnected, faced her fears to become a successful international speaker and best-selling author who has built and sold multiple companies over the years. It was on this journey that Tonya realized early on, no one wants to buy our stuff just because we are selling it. Rather sales and the resulting successes, come through what she likes to call building “warm market referrals”.

These referrals are a direct result of making connections, creating collaborations and starting joint venture partnerships with others.

Join us for this week’s Grand Interview as we discuss getting out there despite our fears, making those long lasting connections and creating the success we are seeking both in business and in life. The faster we can get over our fears, the more we can accomplish.


Share the Love and Invite a Friend Program (Closed Mar 2 2022)


Members, we are offering a Share the Love and Invite a friend Program. Share a special link with friends and colleagues that would be a good fit for our membership. As you guest, they will receive the same “founding members” rate that you received and will have the opportunity to lock-in their rate.

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RECAP Jan 21 – The 6 Rules of Productivity With Mike Vardy

What a grand event last Friday With Mike Vardy!
Mike gave us the foundational skills to control of our time and get more done.

“Your mind was meant to be a factory not a warehouse” – Mike Vardy

It’s a new year and the perfect time to get our productivity started out on the right foot.

Thanks to Mike Vardy and his 6 rules of productivity we all now have the tools to do that…


December 2021 Grand Giveaway Update

What a great first giveaway! There were 45 contributors and over $8000 in gifts to support business owners level up their skills in the new year.

The giveaway was much more grand than expected for everyone. Members who joined in the live stream interviews were able to connect and deepen relationships.

The top number of signups for a contributor was 196, and the average from our survey was 105… not a bad way to increase your mailing list!


GC Referral Reward Program (for Members)

We appreciate our members helping us grow our community and are pleased to share with you our referral program.

For each new member you invite who joins, you will receive a choice of a free month membership or $20.

If you would like to join our Referral Reward Program, please apply on your dashboard (top right menu/apply).

Thank-you for helping to grow the community!


RECAP Jan 14 & 15 – Grand Connections Through Collaboration With Susan Jarema at The Global Konnection Summit

Susan is speaking at the BeeKonnected Summit on Saturday on collaboration strategies that get you results!

Topics cover the entire range of business needs from mindset to making millions.

Keynotes include mega stars such as James Miller (Podcast Star of Lifeology), Marie Diamond (from the hit movie “The Secret”) and Bill Walsh (A master of How to Thrive in any Economy).


Feb 17 | GC Mega Networking Event With JVology, CIBN Connect, EPIC! Business Connections, and The Masterclass Sessions

Grand Connection Mega Networking Partner Event With JVology, CIBN Connect, EPIC! Business Connections, and The Masterclass Sessions

Join us for this grand event to get tips from four networking leaders plus meet their communities in this Grand mega networking event. The theme of the month is networking and we are going to get strategies and practice purposeful networking that leads to profitable results.

Meet our Grand Partners who will be sharing their wisdom!

1. Jay Fiset of JVology: The Art & Science of Profitable Joint Ventures
2. Kerry George of CIBN: Best Practices for Powerful Introductions at Networking Events
3. Bryan Daly of EPIC! Business Connections: Building Meaningful Relationships with Networking Connections
4. Steve Gaston of The Masterclass Sessions: Creating Powerful Power Partners


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