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RECAP Nov 22 | Craft Your Grand Giving Story with Deb Alcadinho and Julie Ann | Master Class

What a positive and gracious master class with GC member Deb Alcadinho of Business 4 Social Good, and Julie Ann of Influence Publishing.

We know you received many brilliant insights into finding a cause you are passionate about, crafting your grand giving story, and finding ways through collaboration to share it with the world. The recording will be up in the Hub soon to re-watch and review the story framework.



RECAP Nov 17 | Key Marketing Trends and Their Impact on YOUR Business for 2023 With Mary Charleson

We are so grateful for Mary’s talk that left us all thinking how to create new opportunities for 2023. Our world is still full of uncertainty and being resilient continues to be a necessity.

Mary started off asking us to hold onto our seats. She reviewed her last years global and micro predictions. Despite the omicron variant and Russia-Ukraine War, and a global recovery dragging more than we thought. Mary assures us that the Phoenix will rise again.



Podcast & Show Collaborative Promotion Campaign (Ongoing)

This is an exciting new collaborative program marketing program to highlight the grand podcasts and shows created by members in our community.

This program (valued at $595) is exclusive to Grand Connection Members. It is for members who have a podcast, are launching one very soon or have a regular show that is on youtube, vimeo, or other public video platform. Live shows can be included too if they are a “regular show” and have a place to signup and/or follow.

It will be launched in rounds. Get your application in early to participate the fullest.

Entry Form




Contribute an Article: Give Back and Get Visibility

Get extra visibly as a thought leader in your area of expertise by contributing and article to the blog. This gets shared in our emails and all our social channels. It also has a chance of getting republished in other publications of fellow members and partners.

Apply to be a contributor.  (Please login to Membership Hub first.)

After approval, we will need a headshot, short bio and link to your website.

Make sure your article is of value to our community and its not a sales pitch. Please spellchecked, grammar checked and proofread it before submitting. You may use an article that is already published on your blog or elsewhere.  This must be your own copyright content.

Want to see some examples? Meet our Grand Contributors!



Listings for Visibility (Ongoing)

Get extra exposure for your business!

Do you have your listings in? Listings are different from your directory profiles. Listing are visible to the public and shared by our marketing team in social media and in our emails to our full list. This is an opportunity for you to promote your offerings and a great way to get visibility for an upcoming event or program. This is included in your membership.

You can list your podcast, book, program, course, challenge, summit, event, app, special offer and more.

See Member Listings.


Consumer & Marketing Trends for 2023 With Mary Charleson

Every year around this time, I put on my predictions hat.

While I monitor trends throughout the year full time anyway, usually by November there are some patterns developing worth noting.

It’s also the time of year I am preparing my annual “Marketing trends predictions” for the Grand Connection – an online presentation, now in its 3rd year, to that fabulous global online community.

If you’d like to join us on Nov 17th at 11am, here’s the link


RECAP Nov 8 | The Grand Podcasters Group Meeting: Guest-Podcaster Matchup. Guests are welcome!

What a grand matchup… rumours have it, the best yet! and what a lot of info packed into the short time together. This recording is definitely a must watch (and rewatch) to catch all the grand tips.

We had a breakout and mixer at the end to find matches in the categories of wealth, health, personal development and relationships. The conversations were grand and no one wanted to leave!


Would You Pay for Social Media? With Mary Charleson

Would you pay to use social media? It’s an interesting question being tossed about this week.

Prompted by news that Twitter, now under 100% ownership by Elon Musk, has plans to charge $8/month for the coveted blue check mark, noting an account is “verified.”

The proposed price for verification shifted from $20 initially, to $8 as of this writing, in a wild series of tweets between Musk and followers over the course of several days, in what can only be described as a bizarre, but incredibly interesting live focus group and discussion.


Nov 8 | The Breast Connection Presents “Prevention is Forever!”

The Breast Connection Presents…. “Prevention is Forever!”

As the Co-Founders of The Breast Connection: Prevention + Healing

We invite you to join us as we welcome our guest speaker, Dr. Barb Hughson, MSEd and EdD, Leadership Coach, Educator, and Family Law Mediator.  –to share her knowledge and expertise on Tuesday, 11/8, from 7-8pm EST/4-5pm PST.

Topic: Prevention is Forever!

Come hear Dr. Barb speak about the importance of prevention and some effective screening tools that you can incorporate into your healthcare routine to prevent breast cancer and other types of disease.  As President and Director of Education for The Becky Baker Foundation, Dr. Barb’s mission is to save lives through gifting screenings (both breast thermograms or mammograms) AND teach about the importance of prevention.  She will show you how to create a healthier life from the inside out, be proactive about your health, and become inspired to learn about various forms of prevention so you feel empowered to enjoy great health and well-being!

Remember, Knowledge is Power!

Register Here:

Come join us virtually on Tuesday, 11/8 (free of charge) from 7-8pm EST/4-5pm PST to gain valuable knowledge, connect with a fabulous community, and get inspired and empowered about your health and well-being!

We believe that we HEAL & THRIVE Together!


Influencers as Rented Land: Do Your Research! With Mary Charleson

There’s some interesting stuff happening with influencers these days. Influencers are folks who have built a following and audience on a particular platform, or combination of platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, TikTok or Twitter, and usually around an interest area.

Travel, technology and fitness are good examples, but name your niche and platform, and there’s likely an individual with an audience willing to partner for exposure in exchange for a price.


RECAP Oct 27 | PEPP Up Your Business With Jo Hassan Master Class

At our Grand Master Class, PEPP Up Your Business With Jo Hassan we were able to step away from the daily stresses of our business and drill down deep into the process of PEPP (purpose, energy, pleasure, profit) and how to extend PEPP into our business to flow with profit.

We had a lot of fun and added PEPP to the workshop with breakouts, spooky music and Halloween costumes.  The chat was a flurry of ideas to share with the group.




Nov 1 | International Speaker Network Webinar Making Grand Connections With Susan and Carolyn

We are speaking at GC Member Katrina Sawa’s Int’l Speaker Network Meetup on Nov 1.  ISN is free to attend and we welcome you to join us, plus apply to speak yourself at their monthly webinars.

Our topic is “Making Grand Connections” and the call runs from 4-5 pm PDT. You can even introduce yourself on the call and share what you do so it’s also great networking whether you’re a speaker or not!


Oct 24-28 | The Virtual Assistant Virtuosos Summit Season 22

We are thrilled to be speaking at the Virtual Assistant Virtuosos Summit Season 22 on October 24-28th.

This Summit will help you FIND and RETAIN clients in your service-based business. Because without clients you won’t make any money right?

Susan Jarema and Carolyn Cooper-McOuatt will be talking about the 6 Grand Principles of Networking on Oct 27 at 9:00 am PT.

Whether you are a brand new Virtual Assistant (VA) just starting or a seasoned service-based freelancer there is something for everyone at this Summit!

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