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The Natural Life Business Partnership (NLBP) was born from the unique vision of Camille Miller, and her need to find a community of her own. With her deep spiritual beliefs, and being grounded by a holistic lifestyle, she began studying different modalities of natural health and the mind-body connection. As she learned of the many small businesses and practitioners that were a part of the natural lifestyle, she wanted to make an impact in their business world as well as have her work truly reflect what she stood for as a person.

NLBP and its members have deep rooted beliefs that we are a system of integrated parts, which include our emotions, behaviors, thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, and bio-chemistry.

NLBP is a global membership organization for the soul-centered entrepreneur or alternative medicine practitioner. We work as a collaborative community fostering professionalism and growth while providing valuable business support, global networking opportunities, and a high-earning professional mastermind unlike any other. There is no other business association of its kind.

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