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RECAP Jan 14 & 15 – Grand Connections Through Collaboration With Susan Jarema at The Global Konnection Summit

Susan is speaking at the BeeKonnected Summit on Saturday on collaboration strategies that get you results!

Topics cover the entire range of business needs from mindset to making millions.

Keynotes include mega stars such as James Miller (Podcast Star of Lifeology), Marie Diamond (from the hit movie “The Secret”) and Bill Walsh (A master of How to Thrive in any Economy).


Dec 2021 Grand Giveaway – Get Over $8k in Free Gifts!

Our Community is so Grand!

40+ gifts to support your business success and self growth for 2022?

This fabulous giveaway, contributed by generous members of the Grand Connection has over $8,000 in FREE GIFTS for you!!! 

Some of the 40+ gifts topics include: negotiation, building an eLearning system, success strategies, lead generation, profitability, prosperity, productivity, energy healing, readings, spirituality, humor, hypnosis, vision planning, content strategy, looking slimmer style guide, content planning, presentation skills, productivity, making money, intuitive reading, private coaching, leadership, marketing, relationships and even gardening for kids!

There is something for everyone….how Grand!

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RECAP Dec 10 – Grand Connection Mega Networking Grand Giving Celebration & Giveaway

FRIDAY’S GRAND GIVEAWAY EVENT …was exactly that, JAM PACKED FULL of giveaways both in knowledge and FREE gifts from 6 of our members… Plus over $8k in giveaways for everyone from all our members! Get them here!

Members have a couple more days to contribute

6 GC Members shared their wisdom and experience around Grand Giving.

“People without vision lose hope!” – Carey Conley

Carey Conley of Vision is Victory – shared her 3 reasons for why a vision plan will help your business…


RECAP Nov 26 – 5 Key Consumer Post Pandemic Trends and Their Impact on YOUR Business for 2022 With Mary Charleson

WOW!! Friday was an intense event filled to overflowing with post-pandemic trends and insights from marketing expert, Mary Charleson of “5-Minute Marketing”. If you are looking for a place to start when it comes to tackling the next stage of real world marketing you won’t want to miss Mary’s “Top 5 Consumer Trends” … and how it will impact YOU and your business…


RECAP Oct 22 The Art & Science of Profitable Joint Ventures With Jay Fiset

Are you tired of constantly being on the search for your next client?

Joint venture specialist Jay Fiset of JVology joined us on Friday for a powerful talk on the the science and art of profitable join ventures. Jay taught us the importance of building our upstream, in-stream and downstream connections to find greater ongoing success without spending endless hours creating it.


Top 10 Tips for Successful Collaboration

Collaboration unlocks new opportunities for businesses that could otherwise not be achieved on your own. When businesses come together, they are able to achieve goals that might have previously seemed impossible to achieve. For collaborations to be successful, like any relationship, there needs to be rules that guide these partnerships and how the parties involved in the collaboration relate to one another. Some of the things to take into account for successful collaborations are:


RECAP Oct 8 Grand Connection Business Partner Networking Event With Chella Diaz, Steve Gaston and Blaney Teal

Friday’s joint partner event was the place of inspiration, connection and collaboration.

“Collaboration Requires Connection” – Blaney Teal

Starting us off all was Blaney Teal of MBX. Blaney who shared her top 3 steps for making the connections necessary for building our success…

1) Look for people who have values that match yours – successful connections happen with those that see, live and want to give back in similar ways to your own.

2) Go into a connection with an abundance mindset – There is more than enough to go around and the truth is not every potential client is going to be a match. Connecting with people in the same niche creates more opportunities for referrals and the widening of both your networks.

3) Use LinkedIn to make new connections – This is the perfect place to research exactly who people are. It is a great option to find new speakers for your event and widen your network reach.


Grand Potential Podcast With Suzannah Baum – Communicate With Impact

Shy beginnings to presentation skills specialist, executive speech coach and speaker, Suzannah Baum has learned what it takes to WOW! your audience. Whether you want to learn to speak better online or in person you won’t want to miss this highly informative episode.

Listen in as Suzannah shares her insights into the key steps for creating engaging, compelling presentations, that will allow you to step out in front of audiences with confidence, build your career and business, all while standing out as the leader that you truly are.


RECAP Sept 24 – 5 Essential Tips to Elevate Your Confidence, Speak with Style and Communicate with Impact

“The audience doesn’t care if you’re feeling confident or nervous.
They care about getting value from your presentation.” – Suzannah Baum

For many of us the very idea of getting up in front of a room full of people whether that be on a live stage or in a Zoom meeting can be extremely overwhelming. All of a sudden we go from knowledgeable to questioning everything we thought we knew. Asking ourselves questions like; who’s going to listen to us and why should they even bother?

The reality is our audience no matter who they are or where we are presenting to them don’t care if we have it all together inside. They are there to learn and gain valuable knowledge and insight from us as their teacher in that moment.


RECAP Sept 10 VA Match-Up Partner Event – Get Help and Get New Clients for Businesses, Freelancers and VAs

It was another grand event with over 100 business enthusiasts, VAs and freelancers. Our generous partners, Tawnya Sutherland, Michelle Thompson of Awesome Outsourcing and Jessica Koch of Jessica L. Koch Consulting LLC shared their expertise and resources on outsourcing to help you find collaborative support to grow and scale your business.

Tawnya Sutherland of, one of the pioneers in the VA ecosystem with over two decades of experience in virtual assistance broke down the concept of virtual assistants.


Grand Potential Podcast With Tawnya Sutherland Aug 10 2021

Have you every thought about hiring a VA?
This podcast interview with Tawnya Sutherland, a world leader in the VA training space goes through the nuts and bolts of outsourcing and how to get started, We learned about Tawnya’s own inspirational journey from being a VA herself as a single mom, to running an agency and building a training program to help VAs get 6 figure incomes.

Other great discussions included:
How to scale your own VA or service business up to 6 figures.
How to find a VA, vetting new team members, working offshore, dealing with passwords and trust.
How to get started working with a VA.


200 Services a Virtual Assistant Can Offer Clients

Any business can utilize the help of a Virtual Assistant (VA). If you have administrative, creative and/or technical tasks you don’t want to do yourself then this is where a VA can step in and help you out. That way you can focus on doing the tasks that make you more money not to mention you love doing!

The following list shows over 200 ways you can utilize the services of a Virtual Assistant which may or may not apply to your business, but may spark some new ideas regarding what a VA can do for your business.

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