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RECAP AUG 14 Get Unstuck & ReLaunch Now During Uncertain Times – Hilary DeCesare

Hilary DeCesare

This was a fabulous talk and we do recommend watching the recording if you missed it. Here are a few notes of interest.

Hilary asked us what is going well in our business and life and what is holding us back? She shared with us the ReLaunch Recipe for Change and its formula which is the foundation and asked if our vision for the future is super clear. Hilary recommended we have a plan and know our WHY behind it. Of interest is 95% of our decisions are made by our subconscious mind and that we need to OWN our energy. We have the ability to change our thoughts and have 60,000 thoughts an hour and 2000 visual images. Questions to think about: 1. What we are propagating?  2. If we could re-imagine three areas of our business / life what would they be and what is one small step we can take? Hilary said that stress is fear and resistance and that we CAN go from transition to transformation!


RECAP JULY 3: How to Use Canva to Create a Killer Lead Magnet in 30 minutes or Less! With Kimberley Day | Grand Connection

Kimberley Day

Kimberley Day demonstrated step by step how easy it is to create creative images with Canva to attract ideal clients. We discovered how simple it can be!

Kim said that lead magnets are an integral part of our sales funnel and need to be enticing and provide great value!  Why? To build trust and authority. She told us we can start teaching our prospects, provide advice so they know, like and trust us and choose to go on our email list. To move them down the sales cycle.

Kim shared that we need to know our prospects’ pain points and how we can help them to have a quick win. She said we can create lead magnets with designing customized checklists, a Facebook Business Header or a full workbook on Canva.


RECAP JUNE 19: Magnetize Your Facebook Page With Sherri-Lee Woycik | Grand Connection

Sherri-Lee Woycik

Sherri-Lee Woycik shared that Facebook is a powerful tool to create relationships that last with these 4 steps. She shared that there are 2.2 billion people on Facebook with 60 million active business pages. She told us people want to be educated, informed and be distracted from real life. Her recommendation is for 80% of the content be engaging, fun and interactive and 20% to share your products, sales or promotions.

The 4 steps to attract more clients: The name of your page needs to speak to your ideal prospects and the outcome they want to achieve. Your profile image is best to be a clear picture of you. Your cover image can tell a story in pictures and is best to be changed every week. Sherri-Lee says the image can represent who you are, what you do and speaks to your ideal clients. For your content post everyday and stack up your newsfeed. Start with a quote, post engaging questions, inspiring content to get likes, comments and shares. Create connection and rapport and reply to all comments. And finally FB live for your educational and promotional post.


RECAP May 12 : Making LinkedIn Work for You With Janice Porter & LinkedIn Checklist

Janice Porter’s presentation – Making LinkedIn Work for You – gave us an overview of how to make a great first impression when someone comes to your profile. She outlined the importance of a personalized banner, a professional headshot, and a headline that really speaks to your strengths. Janice really spoke to LinkedIn as a much misunderstood and underused platform … and encouraged us to really take a closer look at it.

Here is a free download her 16 Point LinkedIn Checklist to get you started.

Janice is offering a 2 Part LIVE LinkedIn Webinar series – on Thursday, June 25th 2020 and July 9th at 4pm – for anyone in our group who wants to take advantage of taking a deeper dive and actually getting things done.

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