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60+ FREE Tools to Help You Easily Work From Home

Our joint venture partner Tawnya Sutherland has put together 60+ FREE tools to help you work from home.

Tawnya Sutherland has been a Virtual Assistant for over two decades now and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs over the years get up and running with their service based business working from home. It’s unusual times right now with current events forcing many folks to temporarily start working from home. Tawnya shares a list of her favourite resources to help self-employed people transition to their new work at home environment.


5 Top Reasons Why You Need A Remote Assistant

Ever feel like you’re stuck in a catch-22 situation where you would like to hire more people but don’t have money to do so? If you do, it may be the right time to get a remote assistant. Getting one shouldn’t cost much, and it’s one of the best investments you can make as a business owner.


The Importance of Collaboration

Nearly all entrepreneurial courses have a team-based project work aspect that gives the learners an opportunity to see the rewards of working hard to achieve a common goal. Outside the classroom, collaboration between entrepreneurs has been seen to produce successful results with some of the most common household names exhibiting the importance of collaboration. Some of these examples are Larry Page and Sergey Brin forming Google, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak forming Apple, and Bill Gates and Paul Allen with Microsoft. Huge companies have also been seen to collaborate to achieve a certain goal, with some of the famous partnerships including Cocacola and Heinz, GoPro and Red Bull, Starbucks and Spotify and UNICEF and Target.


RECAP July 30 When Great Is Not Enough: Understanding Your Cumulative Advantage With Mark Schaefer | Grand Connection

How can we be heard? This is the question on every entrepreneur’s mind and yet in today’s world it is getting harder and harder to be both seen and heard. We live in a time of information density or as Mark likes to call it – “Content Shock”, where information is coming at us full time around the clock.

Thanks to keynote speaker and author of “The Cumulative Advantage” Mark Schaefer the “HOW” was made a little easier at Friday’s Grand Event.


Grand Potential Podcast | Mark Schaefer on Understand Your Cumulative Advantage and Gaining Momentum

Today there is one powerful, overwhelming question that preoccupies every marketer and every business – “How can we be heard?”
Our singular objective is to become the signal in an overwhelming world of noise. Today, merely creating content isn’t enough. Social media isn’t enough. Even being great isn’t enough. We need another path to build momentum for our ideas and businesses, against all odds.

Momentum is what separates an idea that changes your life from a dream that sputters and goes nowhere. And there’s very specific science that teaches us how to do that. But this research, which began more than 50 years ago, hasn’t been applied to our personal and professional lives … until now.

In this podcast, Mark Schaefer shares his history in the marketing industry and the 5 step formula to gain a “Cumulative Advantage” from his new book.

Mark explains how we can use decades of proven, research-based ideas to create unstoppable momentum for our own passions, lives, careers, and businesses.


Canada’s Podcast Interview With Carolyn Cooper-McOuatt on Purpose, Curiosity and Finding Community

Carolyn Cooper-McOuatt brings a deep passion and purpose to nurture, guide and lead each person to their unlimited human potential and to build the business they have always dreamed it to be. She has been learning and leading people to “Live above the Line” for more than 3 decades. The focus is to build a positive business future with a crystal-clear vision, meaningful direction, purpose and plans of action as well as experiencing a community of support. Through her Grand Connection meaningful mastermind groups and inspired business planning programs people transform their businesses and become the leaders they are meant to be, set strategic goals, take bigger risks, and have a community to celebrate their wins!


RECAP July 16 Mega Visibility Speaker Match-Up Party – for Speakers, Authors, Thought Leaders, Podcasters, Summit Hosts and Event Producers

Another fantastic event aka BEACH PARTAY!!! Who knew we could have so much fun while learning and making so many new, incredible connections. Thank you to all of our community contributors for joining us and sharing your wealth of knowledge with us all. We truly appreciate you and your taking the time to help us all improve our businesses.


RECAP July 9 Marketing Buffet + Success Recipe Cookbook | Grand Connection

Nothing like a fantastic buffet to fill us up… and boy are we stuffed to overflowing with top tips and tools shared by our very own incredible community. There is so much to recap so let’s get right to it…

“Business is either a daring Grand Adventure or nothing at all.” – Carolyn Cooper-McOuatt

In order to find success we need to know first what it is that we actually want, have a plan for how we are going to get there and get clear on what it is we have to do in order to achieve our dreams. Carolyn spoke to us about having a vision and knowing where we want to be 3 years from now.


RECAP June 18 Business Networking Partner Event With Steve Gaston of The Masterclass Sessions, Vanessa Shaw of Business Growth Academy and Kimberley Day, Write and Grow Rich

These events just keep getting better and better! The connections being made are so fantastic there never seems to be enough time!

Before we get into our recap we wanted to send out a “Hope you Feel Better Soon!” wish to Jill Lublin who was unfortunately unable to join us Friday due to not feeling well. We look forward to hearing her speak at one of our upcoming events.

“Who’s Down With O.P.P?” – Kimberely Day

Thankfully, Kimberley Day of “Write and Grow Rich” was happy to fill in for her at the last minute. [Thanks Kim!!]

Kim talked to us about the importance of looking for all the places we can insert ourselves for more visibility…especially through the writing of our very own published book. She shared with us her “4 Steps” for how to go about sharing our gift with as many people as we can…


Revitalization Stephanie Staples Grand Potential Podcast

Stephanie Staples shared with us in our Grand Potential podcast interview her story, ways to use an awareness scale to move the dial, and how to use the Kaizen Principles for continuous change to find the small habits that can significant make a different in our lives and energy. She even shared some great ideas with Susan on how to improve her sleep. Stephanie Staples, a reWired nurse is a multi-titled author with eclectic qualifications that combine learnings from her background in healthcare, journalism, fitness and communications – Steph has some unique insights and tools to share that will positively impact your work and home life.


10 Principles of Kaizen – A Process of Continuous Improvement

Kaizen is a Japanese term referring to continuous on-going improvement. Kaizen comes from two Japanese words kai (change) and zen (good) and is a philosophy that advocates for continuous self-improvement in all aspects of life. The Kaizen principle, when applied to business, helps for creating a good work environment that is continuously modelled for the good of the organization or business and members. How can you apply Kaizen in your life and within your business? There are always opportunities to get better and being on the lookout on how to get better will always be beneficial in the long run.


RECAP June 4 Revitalize Your Work & Life – A Networking Extravaganza | Grand Connection

Friday June 4th was insightful, inspirational and ignited us all for the possibilities of what could be if we are clear on our purpose, willing to get uncomfortable, learn from our past and take care of ourselves in the here and now, especially at the start of every day.

It was truly an EXTRAVAGANZA !! Don’t believe me? Read on for the recap and see for yourself …

“When you’re clear on your purpose, that becomes your north star.”
– Joel Zimelstern

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