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Grand Potential Podcast With Nathalie Plamondon Thomas

In this interview, Nathalie talked about the importance of mindset and her D.N.A. System. She also shared some grand tips on how to beat impostor syndrome.

Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas is a Confidence Expert, 2021 Canadian Presenter of the Year – Conférencière Bilingue, and an 8 times International #1 Bestselling Author. Her THINK Yourself® CONFIDENT keynote is engaging, fun and providing mind blowing neuroscience in layman’s terms on how people use their brain wrong and proven strategies to make it work for you. “If you don’t learn to control your thoughts & emotions, they will control you!”

Are you ready to Unlock Your Full Potential through finding Confidence?


Grand Potential Podcast With Eric Lofholm | Sales Mastery

In this interview, Eric shared with us some of his background in his career and many grand tips to make sales easy for us all.

Eric Lofholm, best-selling author of “The System”, and master sales trainer who has helped over 10,000 students make more sales join us on the podcast today.

If you are someone who is struggling when it comes to sales, Eric was once where you are now. Struggling to make a sale, on the brink of being let go and in stepped his first mentor that spoke his language and turned it all around.


Grand Potential Business Podcast With David T. Fagan | Monetize Your Business and Be Significant

“We do want to help people go from invisible to invincible.” – David T. Fagan

Our guest this week David T. Fagan is passionate about helping people not become the world’s best kept secret. He loves waking up knowing somebody out there right now is giving it all away to make it happen and in comes David to cast that light and give them all the joy, all the accolades, gratitude and appreciation that they really deserve.

The truth is we all need to find our own personal significance so join us as we discuss what that looks like and what it takes to get there.


Grand Potential Podcast With Jay Fiset | Profitable Joint Ventures

After 25 years in the personal development arena, our guest, Jay Fiset decided that he wanted to jump into the world of digital marketing. A world in which he failed miserably in. Not just failed but as he said; may as well have been standing in his backyard burning his bills in a barrel.

It wasn’t until he started truly listening to the marketplace, and began selling what people actually wanted that things got easier.

From the hard lessons of failure to the rise in success through the vehicle of joint ventures and collaborations “JVology” was born.

Listen in as we take a closer look at what Jay learned each step of the way and how you can make the same possible for yourself.


Grand Potential Podcast With Tonya Hofmann of BeeKonnected | Bring Your “A” Game to Connecting

Once a shy, nervous little girl, our guest, Tonya Hofmann of BeeKonnected, faced her fears to become a successful international speaker and best-selling author who has built and sold multiple companies over the years. It was on this journey that Tonya realized early on, no one wants to buy our stuff just because we are selling it. Rather sales and the resulting successes, come through what she likes to call building “warm market referrals”.

These referrals are a direct result of making connections, creating collaborations and starting joint venture partnerships with others.

Join us for this week’s Grand Interview as we discuss getting out there despite our fears, making those long lasting connections and creating the success we are seeking both in business and in life. The faster we can get over our fears, the more we can accomplish.


Grand Potential Podcast With Michelle Abraham | The Power of Podcasting to Grow Your Business

Are you searching for more ways to reach new clients? Are you an expert in your field? Have you been a guest on a podcast, considered creating your own or new to the power of podcasting?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we invite you to join us Aug 28th for this free event on zoom. Michelle Abraham will share with us the global trending podcasting landscape. Discover the value of podcasts to amplify your influence.


Grand Potential Podcast With Suzannah Baum – Communicate With Impact

Shy beginnings to presentation skills specialist, executive speech coach and speaker, Suzannah Baum has learned what it takes to WOW! your audience. Whether you want to learn to speak better online or in person you won’t want to miss this highly informative episode.

Listen in as Suzannah shares her insights into the key steps for creating engaging, compelling presentations, that will allow you to step out in front of audiences with confidence, build your career and business, all while standing out as the leader that you truly are.


Grand Potential Podcast With Tawnya Sutherland Aug 10 2021

Have you every thought about hiring a VA?
This podcast interview with Tawnya Sutherland, a world leader in the VA training space goes through the nuts and bolts of outsourcing and how to get started, We learned about Tawnya’s own inspirational journey from being a VA herself as a single mom, to running an agency and building a training program to help VAs get 6 figure incomes.

Other great discussions included:
How to scale your own VA or service business up to 6 figures.
How to find a VA, vetting new team members, working offshore, dealing with passwords and trust.
How to get started working with a VA.


Grand Potential Podcast | The Brand of YOU With Lesley Everett

Visibility and profile building is key to our success. But if people don’t know who we are and what we really stand for, then we’re never going to get our brand and expertise across.

Personal branding expert Lesley Everett joins us today to talk about personal branding. A journey that started with her trying to figure out exactly who she was and what it is she is here to do. Today her purpose and passion in life is helping others to develop their personal brand so listen in and let’s get started on building your brand.


Grand Potential Podcast | Mark Schaefer on Understand Your Cumulative Advantage and Gaining Momentum

Today there is one powerful, overwhelming question that preoccupies every marketer and every business – “How can we be heard?”
Our singular objective is to become the signal in an overwhelming world of noise. Today, merely creating content isn’t enough. Social media isn’t enough. Even being great isn’t enough. We need another path to build momentum for our ideas and businesses, against all odds.

Momentum is what separates an idea that changes your life from a dream that sputters and goes nowhere. And there’s very specific science that teaches us how to do that. But this research, which began more than 50 years ago, hasn’t been applied to our personal and professional lives … until now.

In this podcast, Mark Schaefer shares his history in the marketing industry and the 5 step formula to gain a “Cumulative Advantage” from his new book.

Mark explains how we can use decades of proven, research-based ideas to create unstoppable momentum for our own passions, lives, careers, and businesses.


Revitalization Stephanie Staples Grand Potential Podcast

Stephanie Staples shared with us in our Grand Potential podcast interview her story, ways to use an awareness scale to move the dial, and how to use the Kaizen Principles for continuous change to find the small habits that can significant make a different in our lives and energy. She even shared some great ideas with Susan on how to improve her sleep. Stephanie Staples, a reWired nurse is a multi-titled author with eclectic qualifications that combine learnings from her background in healthcare, journalism, fitness and communications – Steph has some unique insights and tools to share that will positively impact your work and home life.


Grand Potential Podcast | Emotional Intelligence (EQ) as a Superpower with Carolyn Stern

Believing in your people and connecting to them on a deeper level through respect and appreciation is what emotional intelligence is all about. Our guest Carolyn Stern accidently learned this concept back when she was teaching a class of youth that were headed down the wrong path in life and really needed someone to believe in them.

After a semester of business building and giving them every responsibility she could they walked away with more than $10,000 in sales and a group of kids who went from feeling worthless to believing they could do anything.


Grand Potential Podcast | Blaney Teal Systems & Tools for Productivity

In this interview Blaney generously shares with Carolyn and Susan her secrets to managing so many events with systems and tools. This is a must listen to podcast for anyone wanting to fast track organizing their business. Show notes to come!

About Blaney Teal:

Blaney Teal is a proud mother of two and successful, modern-day “Mompreneur” from Baltimore, MD. She has impacted the lives of countless entrepreneurs and business owners with her vibrant, energetic, and magnetic personality. With over 25 years in the entrepreneurial space, Blaney loves sharing her business tips and experiences with everyone she meets.

Blaney started her first business at the age of seven and has never looked back. Her passion for helping entrepreneurs and business owners grow their business is apparent from the 1st time you meet her.


Grand Potential Podcast | Michela Quilici and Growth Systems

“Systems are for people who care about winning repeatedly.” – James Clear

We all want to find ways to make our business processes more efficient.
It’s time to get organized on your marketing, operations, and business development activities to impact our bottom line and generate greater results.
Repeatable processes and systems are essential to growing your business.
It’s all about creating automated business systems in order to scale, grow and maximize our results. Thanks to Michela Quilici we learned more than a few helpful steps that will get us started on our journey to success…

“Business by design means we get exactly what it is we want.” – Michela Quilici


Grand Potential Podcast | Terra Bohlmann and Customer Experience Systems

“What can you do to WOW, your customers?” Terra Bohlmann

With Terra, we learned the importance of creating a customer experience system and how it can help us move forward in our business with less overwhelm…

#1. Buying Decisions – Reduce your refunds with no-buyer’s regret.
#2. Save Time – With automation and outsourcing of repeatable action items.
#3. Referral Program – Make it so, happy buyers want to create referral business for you.
#4. Be The Expert – Quickly bring massive value to your clients with your expertise.
#5. Feedback – See where improvement is needed by allowing clients to share their input.


Grand Potential Podcast | Sheryl Plouffe Video Marketing Expert

In this interview, Sheryl Plouffe shares her journey from TV broadcaster to entrepreneur and how she pushed the boundaries of her comfort zone and trusted her internal knowing that she was on the right path.

Today in video marketing, Sheryl tries to bring her own authentic voice to it. She shares that she tries to provide valuable content that really can move the needle for someone and then put it out there on upwards of 10 plus platforms at the same time.

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