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June 11 Master Class Get Revitalized and Shift Your Energy With Michelle Tremblay of MPowerLives | Grand Connection

Join us for a two hour uplifting Master Class with Michelle Tremblay of MPowerLives in an experiential fun workshop that will positively shift the way you understand your own energy. The goal of this class is to leave you with a tool box of foundational strategies to revitalize your life and business when needed.

Your energy levels and outlook can have a significant impact on your business outcomes. Our world is facing challenging times and this affects us all energetically. By bringing awareness to our energy we can manage it through techniques that incorporate movement, mindfulness and emotional intelligence.

Michelle will facilitate bringing awareness to the hidden aspects of how your emotional energy of fear, anxiety and worry can be shifted through self-regulation. This in turn sets you up for success in your work, relationships and life bringing you more balance and joy.


June 4 Revitalize Your Work & Life – A Networking Extravaganza | Grand Connection

*Are you trying to be all things to all people?

*Are you the leader you want to be in your business?

*Are competing priorities and the lack of time, energy and motivation stopping you from being the best version of yourself?

Well, if overwhelm is creeping in, it’s time to top up your energy and build your tool kit of resources to stay on track.

Learn simple, purposeful, deliberate actions you can easily implement to help you revitalize yourself and your business so that you can bring your best to both. Get ready to be inspired and meet enthusiastic eager business professionals to connect, create and collaborate with.

We will be joined by community members Joel Zimelstern of Vancouver ActionCOACH Canada, Cathy Kuzel of the Connected Woman, Sumair Abro of Inner Gauge Consulting, Cheryl Brewster of and Terra Bohlmann – Business Strategy Coach and The Business Mapping Method.


May 21 Business Networking Partner Event With Eprenz Business Network, Meet My Referral Partners and | Grand Connection

At this Grand Connection Partner Networking event, we will be partnering with three networking leaders and their organizations. You will get the opportunity to learn about their organizations and meet business enthusiasts from all over the world.

In the breakout rooms we will share strategies on dealing with uncertainty and ways to pivot, transform and manage change, or if something is blocking you, how to shift your mindset to move forwards through change.


May 15 MASTER CLASS Pitch to Your Niche: How to Connect to Your Ideal Client With Mike Manning | Grand Connection

Join us to make your business networking efforts bring you results.

You want to make a good connection as quickly as possible.
When you are at a networking event and you finish your elevator pitch, do you hear silence, or do you hear “I need to talk to you?”

You want people to want to learn more. We connect better by painting a picture of the problems we solve through through the use of memorable stories that highlight your solution and stands out.


In this powerful Master Class you will:

* Leave with a better elevator pitch and clearer description of your business

* Learn how to use client stories to show why and how you do what you do

* Learn ways to sell your solutions, not your products.

* Have the rare opportunity to work in small groups to practice your pitch, and get VALUABLE honest feedback.

Business owners want to know what problem of theirs you are going to solve.

This is an opportunity that you don’t want to miss out on. Join Mike Manning and other Grand Connection members to learn and practice strategies to level up your networking.


May 7 Emotional Intelligence: Today’s Leadership Superpower With Carolyn Stern | Grand Connection

It’s time for an emotional revolution. Emotions matter and emotional well-being is impacting your business, for better or for worse. It’s never too early or late to develop your EI, and the good news is that emotional intelligence can be learned, developed, and enhanced. Research has shown that emotional intelligence is the critical skill exceptional managers use to get the best results from their teams. Tuning into emotions is the key to effectively managing today’s multi-generational, diverse and virtual workforce, and incorporating EI into your repertoire will take your leadership skills to new heights. Quite simply, EI is the leadership superpower today’s managers need to boost productivity and employee engagement.


May 5 Global LinkedIn Posting Party with Epic! Business Connections and The Grand Connection

Join us May 5 for the first ever combined LinkedIn Posting Party! With Epic! Business Connections and The Grand Connection. Curious about what its about? This is an opportunity to meet others AND also create engagement on each others posts. A great way to grow your connections, get more views on your posts and have some fun at the same time. EPIC has been running successful LinkedIn posting parties for some time and his members have achieved thousands of views.


April 23 Business Networking Partner Event With Jumpstart Your Biz, Entrepreneurs Rocketfuel, EPIC! Business Connections | Grand Connection

At this Grand Connection Partner Networking event, we will be partnering with three networking leaders and their organizations – Katrina Sawa of Jumpstart Your Biz, Kimberley Crowe of Entrepreneurs Rocketfuel and Bryan Daly of EPIC! Business Connections. You will get the opportunity to learn about their organizations and meet business enthusiasts from all over the world.

In the breakout rooms we will share strategies on dealing with uncertainty and ways to pivot, transform and manage change, or if something is blocking you, how to shift your mindset to move forwards through change.

Our theme for April is Managing Uncertainty. In the breakout rooms we will share strategies on dealing with uncertainty and ways to pivot, transform and manage change, or if something is blocking you, how to shift your mindset to move forwards through change.


April 9 Creating Certainty in Uncertain Times World Class Speak Panel Mastermind Event | Grand Connection


The Grand Connection is bringing together three world-class business leaders to help you deal with uncertainty, adapt to change, and provide greater opportunities for success.

We are thrilled to have Dan Clark, Natasha Todorovic-Cowan, and Steve Farber join our panel with our guest moderator Dr. Richard Kaye.

In this Ultimate Panel Event you will meet three world-class leadership speakers who will share their experience, knowledge, and wisdom. You will have the opportunity to meet the speakers, ask questions, and network in the breakout rooms.

Everyone has had to learn to adapt and reinvent themselves during the pandemic. The only thing that is consistent today is change. Change can be hard. If 2020 has taught you anything, it’s that you are capable of change. Embracing change can help your business. Everyone needs to develop more new skills to achieve more certainty in leading and serving your clients and communities.

The key is to learn how to pivot and create a solid plan for growth by bringing a sense of structure and confidence. There’s no lack of things to do positioning your business for growth. It takes a commitment and personal growth to develop a plan for success.


March 27 MASTER CLASS | Organize Your Emails to Optimize Your Productivity With Elizabeth Stefani | Grand Connection

Is your email inbox out of control? Now is the time to master strategy, tips and tools to organize your emails to save more time in your day.

In this two hour workshop, you will learn the 5 Steps to Clean Out Your Email Inbox. In this interactive workshop, we will discuss different ways to set up your email workflow and techniques to reduce your time spent on email by 20%. You will be able to go forward from this program with a game plan for getting on top of your email inbox, and maintaining control going forward.


March 19 Business Networking Partner Event: Systems to Connect, Create & Collaborate With MBX, SpeakerTunity & Lead Up for Women | Grand Connection

The Grand Connection theme for March is all about business systems to build your foundation to scale, grow and Maximize your results.
At this partner networking event we will be focusing on systems to connect, create and collaborate.

We are excited to be partnering with Blaney Teal of MBX, Jackie Lapin of Speaker Tunity & Colleen Biggs of Lead Up for Women. These amazing business leaders have a wealth of knowledge in business systems and will be sharing their favourite tips.

In the breakout rooms we will share ideas on tools, processes and strategies to create systems to improve our productivity. You don’t want to miss this exciting event!


March 5 Systematize Your Business to Scale, Grow and Maximize Your Results With Michela Quilici & Terra Bohlmann | Grand Connection

We all want to find ways to make our business processes more efficient. Join us for this important talk to turn the most frustrating and complex areas of your business into an effective system.

Are you ready to level up the systems in your business to create more freedom, flexibility and profits?

It’s time to get organized on your marketing, operations, and business development activities to impact your bottom line and generate greater results.

Repeatable processes and systems are essential to growing your business.

Design a customer experience system that wow’s with Terra Bohlmann

Terra is going to give us the tools to kick start taking our business to the next level.


March 3 MEANINGFUL MASTERMIND | Experience the Power of Masterminds in a Complimentary Trial | Grand Connection

Experience the power of masterminds at this one time complimentary session hosted by Mike Manning and Carolyn Cooper-McOuatt.

Discover the Grand Connection Meaningful Mastermind Chapters 

You can experience the power of masterminds twice a month and be a part of the Grand Connection community. You don’t have to be alone. Continue your journey with a smaller mastermind group. Connect with like minded business people, create new opportunities to thrive and collaborate through the process of meaningful masterminds that dive deeper into skill building business topics.


Feb 19 Real Time Connections Partner Event: Better Communications for Better Connections With CIBN Connect, and BizSocial Networking | Grand Connection

Join us Feb 19 for our Real Time Connections Business Networking Partner Event.

The theme of this month’s networking event is creating valuable connections through good communications. Learn how to build a strong well-connected network and form solid relationships with the vital aspects of trust, credibility and integrity. Let’s grow our businesses by communicating successfully and making meaningful connections in 2021.

Meet Our Exciting Partners

Learn about other networking organizations and build even more connections through other networking communities too!

We are excited to be partnering with Camille Miller from The Natural Life Business Partnership, Kerry George from CIBN Connect and Brian Morrison from Biz Social Networking.


Feb 5 The Power of Video in 2021: Increase your influence, make an impact & grow your income | Grand Connection

Grow Your Business with the Power of Video!

Are you ready to get in front of more people in 2021? Create your own client attracting videos that make a bigger impact, build online influence and generate more income.


Video strategist Sheryl Plouffe is going to share her insights and action steps to help us build our businesses with online videos.

If you want to become more visible and powerful in 2021, learn more about how to create influential videos, then this event is for you!


Boost Your Conversions & Get Found With a Winning Website – Susan Jarema New Earth Marketing

In this workshop we will have an interactive discussion about ways to make your website sell better. We will learn concepts as we actively audit our websites in the group using a checklist. You will leave with a complete list of action items to get started on immediately.

This 2 hour workshop, regular $199 is complimentary. If you are thrilled with you results, I kindly request a small donation to Project Somos, the charity we raised money for at the Grand Connection December 2020.

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