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RECAP Nov 22 | Craft Your Grand Giving Story with Deb Alcadinho and Julie Ann | Master Class

What a positive and gracious master class with GC member Deb Alcadinho of Business 4 Social Good, and Julie Ann of Influence Publishing.

We know you received many brilliant insights into finding a cause you are passionate about, crafting your grand giving story, and finding ways through collaboration to share it with the world. The recording will be up in the Hub soon to re-watch and review the story framework.



RECAP Nov 17 | Key Marketing Trends and Their Impact on YOUR Business for 2023 With Mary Charleson

We are so grateful for Mary’s talk that left us all thinking how to create new opportunities for 2023. Our world is still full of uncertainty and being resilient continues to be a necessity.

Mary started off asking us to hold onto our seats. She reviewed her last years global and micro predictions. Despite the omicron variant and Russia-Ukraine War, and a global recovery dragging more than we thought. Mary assures us that the Phoenix will rise again.



RECAP Nov 8 | The Grand Podcasters Group Meeting: Guest-Podcaster Matchup. Guests are welcome!

What a grand matchup… rumours have it, the best yet! and what a lot of info packed into the short time together. This recording is definitely a must watch (and rewatch) to catch all the grand tips.

We had a breakout and mixer at the end to find matches in the categories of wealth, health, personal development and relationships. The conversations were grand and no one wanted to leave!


RECAP Oct 27 | PEPP Up Your Business With Jo Hassan Master Class

At our Grand Master Class, PEPP Up Your Business With Jo Hassan we were able to step away from the daily stresses of our business and drill down deep into the process of PEPP (purpose, energy, pleasure, profit) and how to extend PEPP into our business to flow with profit.

We had a lot of fun and added PEPP to the workshop with breakouts, spooky music and Halloween costumes.  The chat was a flurry of ideas to share with the group.




RECAP Aug 18 | GC Panel Networking Event: Financial Literacy, Abundance & Fun

There were so many valuable nuggets and connections made.

Some takeaways to watch for in the recording are:

  • If you don’t know your numbers, you will fail
  • Knowing your unique business ratios and what works for you
  • The significance of pricing yourself properly
  • Value = Money
  • The numbers you need to know and your KPIs
  • What it takes to get a client and cost of client acquisition
  • How to leverage your momentum
  • Having purpose, passion and a vision and clear goals
  • Collecting data helps you make better decisions
  • How to gauge the financial health of your business

RECAP Aug 9 | Grand Podcasters Group Meeting – Know Your Numbers

“If you don’t know your numbers, you don’t know your business.” — Marcus Lemonis

There were so many valuable nuggets and connections made. Members, you can catch the recording in the Hub.

We announced the details of our new COLLABORATIVE PODCAST PROMOTION CAMPAIGN.

This cooperative package, FREE for group members includes:

  • Podcast Listings
  • Group Podcast Page With Introduction Videos
  • Be part of the subscribe/follow/JV list
  • Campaign with boosted posts, press release and social reach
  • Collaborative marketing through the group
  • Livestream Interviews

Get your podcast up in the listings!

Do you have a podcast, want to start a podcast or have a client with a podcast? Our next podcaster meeting is Sept 13.


RECAP Sept 15 | 7 Steps to Elevate Your LinkedIn Style with JD Gershbein | Grand Connection

Wasn’t today a totally amazing and mind-blowing event? Thanks to Leading LinkedIn Expert JD Gershbein, our brilliant speaker for our GC Speaker event today.

LinkedIn is an ever changing platform that we, professionals and companies, should be on. It is also now favoring community builders and content creators.

During his talk JD shared lots of nuggets related to the following topics:

  • How to build new insights to elevate their LinkedIn profiles,
  • How to strengthen critical relationships and open more conversations with decision-makers; and
  • How to capitalize on new growth opportunities.

RECAP Jul 22 | RECAP Sales Breakthroughs With Eric Lofholm | Grand Connection

sales breakthroughs with eric lofholm

There were so many valuable nuggets to shift our mindset toward selling as a service.

If you missed the event, you will still be able to catch the recording in the Membership Hub Video Library, take his Silver Protégé Sales Training Course (Value $299) and download his new audio book “Continuous Sales Improvement” Audio Book (details below).

P.S. Eric’s audio book is available in the facebook group.

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