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We are hosting another exciting mixer with our friends from the community at VA Networking. This one is an extra special MATCH-UP EDUnetworking event.

Looking for VA support to delegate tasks and scale?

OR, are you a freelancer looking for new clients?

This Grand Connection Mixer will help provide opportunities for businesses to find help (administration, technical and creative support) AND on the other side, for VAs, freelancers and service providers to find new clients who need their expertise.

This is grand opportunity for GC members to find the help they need for 2023.

An important factor of success for any business is delegation. Knowing how to do this well, can save you time, money and energy. This frees you up to focus on what you do best to grow your business and make a bigger impact in the world. Our event will provide practical strategies, tips and resources on outsourcing best practices. If you are a VA or freelancer you can scale your business too by outsourcing.

You don’t have to run your business alone. This event promises the opportunity to make some Grand Connections and find the help you need for 2023.

Join in the discussion to:

  • Discover where to find the help you need
  • Learn how to delegate the details that are in your head
  • Find methods to communicate and work productively together
  • Identify ways you can scale your service/freelance business

Date: December 1, 2022 (Thursday)
11:00 am – 1:00 pm PT Time converter
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm ET
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm GMT (UK)


Tawnya Sutherland is the pioneer in the VA ecosystem with over two decades of experience in virtual assistance. Not only is Tawnya a six-figure virtual assistant she is also the creator of the training system. Since 2003, Tawnya has taught thousands of people worldwide at to start their own virtual assistance businesses—nobody’s been doing this longer. Tawnya has been featured across many popular media outlets, including Dr. Phil, Reader’s Digest, Chatelaine, Entrepreneur and Redbook.

Tawnya is the go-to crackerjack coach for Virtual Assistants at any stage of their game wanting to share, learn more, and scale their businesses into a profitable career.





Carolyn Cooper-McOuatt was the captain of her cheerleading team in high school and continues her mission to lead business owners around the globe as a conscious business strategist, mindset mentor, cheerleader and sounding board. She supports her clients and audiences to reach their Grand Potential by understanding the value of bringing love back to business. She has led and taught more than 8000 businesses since 1992 as a professional motivational speaker, coach, trainer and Emcee.






Susan Jarema has been an entrepreneur all her life. Since her first lemonade stand, she has completed two marketing degrees, built from scratch several businesses and helped in the launch of hundreds of new ventures. She has been training entrepreneurs since and selling online since 1995, much before google! … and has seen it all. Susan, an expert in SEO & conversions, calls herself an internetologist and now helps entrepreneurs and companies succeed online through her AIMS methodology. Susan is passionate about the power of networking, collaborating and masterminding to succeed.







You Never Know Who You Will Meet!
Members have made many lasting relationships in the group that have turned into collaborative ventures, podcast interviews, partnerships, referral partners and good clients! The opportunity is to meet with like minded businesses to share skills, receive advice and collaborate! Strategic alliances are an essential part of succeeding in your grand adventure.

What to Expect:
The Grand Connection community is a fun, welcoming group of like-minded businesses and professionals with an intention to support each other to grow and scale our businesses. At our Member Mixer Events, we partner exclusively with one other networking organization. Members from both groups have the opportunity to connect and build relationships through fun activities. Please have your camera, good lighting and microphone available. Practice your short introduction ahead and have a short write-up prepared to share in the chat.