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Grand Potential Podcast

We love the concept of Kaizen, the Japanese concept of continuous improvement.  At the Grand Connection we strive to continually share business and personal development skills to help you reach your Grand Potential.

You don’t know what you don’t know…

(…and we are here to help you know so you are in the know!)

Each month, we bring in world class experts to share with you their wisdom. There’s always some new insight that comes out of the discussions and a new skill or plan to execute on.



These exciting themes will be the focus for our monthly events, master classes and the Masterminds.

January Productivity
Feb Networking Extravaganza
March Profitability – CEO Space Partner Speaker Event
April Brand Strategy + Marketing Strategy
May PR & Communications + Spring Giveaway
June Business Growth Conference With lots of breakouts: Day 1 Mindset & Inspiration Day 2 Marketing & Sales
July Sales
Aug Finances & Fun (Member panel event)
Sept Building Relationships in Social Media
Oct Confidence & Vitality
Nov Business Trends
Dec Grand Giving Celebration
Remember we have 2 years worth of skill building talks and workshops in the Membership Hub!

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Monthly Themes