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A special thank you to Val Low who is one of our facilitators with the Grand Connection. She has a brilliant podcast called Focus and Freedom and she had me on her show. She provides her clients with her own signature Focus & Freedom™ Method and Planner that supports entrepreneurs to have an opportunity to experience more focus, time and freedom. Val loves nothing better than showing entrepreneurs how to calm the overwhelm and distractions with focus and efficiency strategies and tools that enable them to have the freedom to do the things that make the most of their business and life. Visit Val’s Website:

FOCUS & FREEDOM PODCAST: Val Low & Carolyn Cooper-McOuatt


My interview with Val focused on inspiring people to make the decision to Live Above the Line. We too often either bounce below the line or meet the top of our comfort zone, which is the line. I shared how we can make the choice to stretch our comfort zone farther and farther with a sense of wonder, having an open mind, clear purpose and a plan to take action towards a positive future.

Highlights from Our Episode:

  • What it means to ‘Live Above the Line’
  • The opportunity of virtual networking and not feeling isolated, lost or stuck
  • Making the decision to resource and find solutions even when it’s really hard
  • Taking inventory of what is and opening that window or door to the power of possibility and your grand potential
  • The steps to take to live above the line and rise up to be the best of leaders we are meant to be in business.

Carolyn Cooper McOuatt Since 1992 Carolyn has trained, consulted and coached 1000’s of businesses to develop powerful business protocols and plans for success. She brings a refreshing optimism, genuine heart and charismatic energy to her coaching and mastermind training. Her mission is to inspire clients to take inventory, build a revitalized vision/direction and plan of action; The Grand Plan. The key is to lead and serve in meaningful ways. Carolyn is the co-founder of the Grand Connection Virtual Networking community. Her passion is to build meaningful relationships with businesses from around the globe to Connect, Create and Collaborate and grow the human potential.

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