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As a young girl growing up in Lithuania, Rasa DiSalvo knew by the age of nine that she wanted to live near the beach in the United States.

Today, as she glances out from her Manhattan Beach, California home office, well, no need to guess what she sees.

Getting from there – wherever “there” is – to here is rarely a straight line.

DiSalvo discovered that by connecting what she calls feminine and masculine energies, a person can unlock limiting beliefs and build strategies for a thriving career and life.

Traditionally masculine and feminine is associated with gender, but that is not how DiSalvo defines it.

Each of us is born with both feminine and masculine, but many of us tend to favor one of the two. If you really want to achieve next level success, leveraging both your feminine and masculine energies is the fastest path to get there.

Through her studies of human potential, psychology, high performance, neuroscience, quantum physics, and spirituality, DiSalvo discovered that the visionary leaders and highest performers utilize and balance the strengths of both feminine and masculine energies:

• The Masculine Energy – leveraging strategy, plans, money, results, productivity.

• The Feminine Energy – leveraging growth mindset, intuitive guidance, emotions, imagination (ability to vision), compassion, money mindset, mindfulness, connection, and alignment to what is “bigger than me.”

DiSalvo’s work starts with mindset, intuitive guidance, and visioning (feminine energy) and builds plans and strategies (masculine energy) to reach goals.

In her coaching practice, DiSalvo takes clients on this kind of “inspired action” — steps that lead to conquering goals.

DiSalvo has unwavering conviction that anything is possible if you have a burning desire and are willing to take inspired action to reach your goals.

Strategies to help clients include retraining habitual thinking, and what she refers to as energetic alignment.

“Surround yourself with people who inspire you and whose eyes light up when they see you. “You are a reflection of the people you spend time with – choose wisely.” — Rasa DiSalvo

She sees over and over the regret people have about missed opportunities where a different money mindset would have made the difference. She helps resolve limiting beliefs individuals have from their personal finance right up to the next round of funding for their business.

“To achieve extraordinary results, you need an extraordinary mindset and an extraordinary strategy, with mindset being 80% of that equation.”


Rasa has coached corporate executives, athletes, Hollywood celebrities, and CEOs across the globe guiding them to achieve outstanding results. She is a sought out speaker and has streamed many live webinars about mastering your mind and building a purposeful and abundant career, business and life you want.

As a former pro-beach volleyball player, collegiate athlete, and a member of Lithuania’s national volleyball team, Rasa has been building and leading high performing teams throughout her entire life.

Prior to starting her own coaching and consulting business, Rasa spent 15 years as a Strategy & Business Valuation Consultant where she led multi-million dollar projects and assessed the value of multi-billion dollar companies. Throughout her career as a consultant, Rasa has trained and led numerous high performing teams as well as led various initiatives to drive authentic leadership and promote women into leadership roles.