Getting Started: Complete Your Profile and Add a Listing

Tour of the Membership Directory Hub


These are the steps to get started:

A.  Add Your Profile Photo and Cover Image

1. Go to edit profile and upload your photo. Please make this photo of yourself rather than a logo. We are here to connect and people may remember you from the zoom events and try to find you. The best images sizes for your profile image is 400 x 400.

2. Add a cover image. The best image size for your cover images is 1115 x 200. You can save your work and come back later with a new cover. Many members have created a banner in canva with your logo and a headline.

B. Complete Your Profile Intro

  1.  Add your profile name and a short headline that says what you do. This is important for people to see quickly who you are and what you do. Please use your name for your profile name. There is another place to add your business name.
  2.  You can add in an introduction video from YouTube. For this you need to take the identifier number/letter code from the youtube link and add it to the field.
  3.  Save your changes

C. Complete About Me


Complete this section so members can learn more about you. Save at the end.

D. Industry

The Industry section and more info for connecting are important for you to be found in search. Please be selective and select the categories that apply most so you are matched better with your EXACT services. In other words, don’t select everything! Be specific.

E. Social Links

Share your links so other members can connect with you in other platforms. (While gathering these, its a perfect opportunity to save them in your business binder so you have easy access for networking.)

F. Grand Giving

This is the place to share any benefits you may want to offer members, skills you can share, free gifts and your affiliate program if you have one.

G.  More Info for Connecting

This section helps you get found for collaborative connections. Many of these fields do now show on your profile, but will be helpful for better search.

H.  Sign up for Events

Events can be found here.

Some events such as partner events and select speaker events are free and open to all. We welcome you to invite your friends to help us grow our community.

For the LinkedIn posting parties, Bryan from EPIC emails out a link a day before the event.  If you sign up later the link is posted in our facebook

Master Classes, offered by our community are free for members and $49-$99 for the public. Often there will be a coupon for you to invite up to 2 friends to the Master Class. They will love you for it!

You need to be logged into your membership to get the paid events for free.

Member only events will have the zoom links emailed directly to you and be available in the forum. Watch for the member emails.

Save the dates in your calendar by subscribing here.

I.  Listings

Want more visibility? Members can add in listings for your events, books, podcasts, courses, summits, challenges, events, freebies (lead magnets) and more. These are shared with the public to give you more exposure. Instructions to add your listings are here.



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