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What Is a Giveaway?

Our Spring Grand Giveaway is one of the largest collaborative marketing events of the year. It is an online free gift offer contributed by a group of members of our community. Giveaways are a great way to build your lists and get visibility. Plus… it’s a lovely way to get some exposure, meet others and take part in Grand Giving. This is collaboration in its finest! Everyone participating each contributes an enticing gift with a hot topic related to their service, that has a value to it.

Where do I apply?

Go to Event Raptor Spring Grand Giveaway page to read the giveaway details and contribute. (The Register Button is to sign up to get gifts).

How it Works

You complete the contribution form. The Grand Connection sets up a landing page of all the experts and their gifts. We all invite our tribes to sign up for thousands of dollars in free gifts who love us for it. They register and can scroll through a giveaway page. This page displays your headshot, bio, gift banner and description with a link to your opt in for you to get new leads. Everyone shares the gift registration page to their peeps. You will be provided with your own tracking link.

5 Easy Steps
  1. Get your gift ready
  2. How to get your gift: Create an Opt-in Page (or instructions how to get the gift)
  3. Complete the contributor form
  4. Pay your deposit (if any… no charge for annual members)
  5. Cooperative marketing (use you own tracking link available at top of your application in Event Raptor)

It’s EASY and FUN. See full steps here.

Not Sure What to Give?

Example gifts are online course, ebooks, business development coaching, guides, blueprints, checklists, business programs, toolkits, coaching, assessments, success formulas, mini-course, self discovery, trainings, 1:1 sessions etc. First time? Here are some ideas  Visit the registration page to see how it works. Be creative. Think about a bundle to make it more valuable.

Step-by-Step Giveaway Contributor Guide – Event Raptor
  1. Log in to your Event Raptor account
  2. On the left side of your screen, click Giveaways
  3. Click on the Giveaway event you wish to contribute
  4. Click Submit your contribution
  5. Fill out the details:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Your Title 
    • Phone Number
    • Your time zone
    • Company Name or Business URL (include https)
    • Add your Bio, Maximum of 60 words 
  6. Tick the box if you are already a member of the Grand Connection community
  7. Add the title of your gift (Max of 100 characters)
  8. Add your Gift Description (Max of 60 words)
  9. Add the Value of your gift – it MUST have been sold for this previously
  10. Add the Link to your gift for attendees/registrants
  11. Add in other information, if you have any.
  12. Choose how did you hear about this event
  13. Check the agreement box
  14. Click SUBMIT.
  15. On the next page, please upload your Gift Image (should be 480 by 270 pixels) landscape image
  16. If you have completed all the required fields Tick the box at the bottom 
  17. Click SAVE
Steps to Complete Your Entry (Recording)

How to Edit Your Contribution Later
  1. Login to Event Raptor
  2. Left side column, go to my overview
  3. Scroll down to giveaway submissions
  4. Click on edit on the left

The Spring Grand Giveaway – FAQ