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What Is The Grand Connection?

The Grand Connection community is a fun, welcoming group of like-minded businesses and professionals with an intention to support each other to grow and scale our businesses. We host unique online business events that combine education, networking and opportunities to collaborate. Our membership platform provides more ways to connect, market and grow your business.

Carolyn Cooper-McOuatt and Susan Jarema were inspired to create an online business network while in the Grand Canyon in March. COVID-19 was the catalyst. Carolyn and Susan both come from a training background having met 25 years ago teaching business planning to entrepreneurs at a local collage. Since this time, their entrepreneurial journey has been vast.

You can learn more about us here.

We have held over 50 events and over 5000 people have attended our events. Our social media has grown to over 100k. Our larger events on zoom have consistently over 100 attendees and is growing! We run a large marketing campaign to create awareness for our partners.

Our engaged community loves our events because they are valuable, fast paced and a lot of fun. The objective is to provide extraordinary value with many take-aways and connections in the 120 minute program.

As a proponent of collaboration, we strive to be the Connector of Connectors and pride ourselves in helping our members learn about other communities to expand their reach. We also provide opportunities for other connectors to meet other leaders to partner with. By working together, entrepreneurs and small businesses can build a better world.

Speaker Events

Our Speaker event highlight one keynote expert speaker on the monthly theme.

Business Networking Partners Events

Our JV partner events are a win-win event whereby each participating organization is given airtime, opportunities to share an offer/link/slide and take part in our co-marketing campaign. The Grand Connection manages a full marketing campaign in which all the partners participate in sharing the information with their own communities. We make it simple for our partners by scheduling and preparing the marketing materials and providing a partner package. There is no financial cost for you. 

These larger events are also beneficial for ALL our communities by providing more opportunities to connect, create and collaborate.

We look forward to playing together at the Grand Connection! Let’s help more more people reach their grand potential, on their grand adventure. Yes… everything is grand around here!

Collaboratively yours,

Susan & Carolyn


Susan Jarema
Carolyn Cooper McOuatt

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