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In this interview, Sheryl Plouffe shares her journey from TV broadcaster to entrepreneur and how she pushed the boundaries of her comfort zone and trusted her internal knowing that she was on the right path.

Today in video marketing, Sheryl tries to bring her own authentic voice to it. She shares that she tries to provide valuable content that really can move the needle for someone and then put it out there on upwards of 10 plus platforms at the same time.

Sheryl also shares her process for planning a video for your website, the importance of a script and what makes great quality content. She also discussed her ACE model for video marketing and shared with us all a free download 13 page book you have for our listeners.





Carolyn shared our fears in video and how we dove into the pool with the launch of the Grand Connection. Carolyn committed to Sheryl’s 30 day video challenge and Susan isnt quite there yet!

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