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“Systems are for people who care about winning repeatedly.” – James Clear

We all want to find ways to make our business processes more efficient.
It’s time to get organized on your marketing, operations, and business development activities to impact our bottom line and generate greater results.
Repeatable processes and systems are essential to growing your business.
It’s all about creating automated business systems in order to scale, grow and maximize our results. Thanks to Michela Quilici we learned more than a few helpful steps that will get us started on our journey to success…

“Business by design means we get exactly what it is we want.” – Michela Quilici

Michela shared her “3 Step Business Roadmap and Growth System” that taught us the importance of knowing where it is we are going with our business and exactly how we plan to get ourselves there …

#1. Strategy – Where are you headed and what can you accomplish along the way?
#2. Structure – What tactics will you use to achieve your goals?
#3. People – What support and resources will be required to succeed?

#1. Attract – What steps can you take to get exposure for your brand?
#2. Engage – What is your marketing strategy to bring in the leads?
#3. Convert – What is the sales process that will move your leads into paying clients?

Now YOU know the plan, time to do the same for your clients…

Your Business Growth Roadmap: Chart a Course to Get Noticed, Get Clients and Get Profitable with Michela Quilici

Michela Quilici is an International business growth coach + award-winning marketing strategist. She calls herself a Business Navigator because she has a gift for creating roadmaps that ignite leaders to take inspired action to navigate their growth on purpose. She is a professional speaker, bestselling author on Amazon, creator and host of the Q Your Business Success podcast. Over the past 20 years, she has worked with CEOs and business owners to help them get noticed, get clients, and get profitable using strategy, systems, and self-leadership. Features include: USA Weekly, Canadian Living Magazine, Profit Magazine, and numerous marketing and entrepreneurship awards. She is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council and Co-Author of three International bestselling books, Conscious Business and Voices of the 21st Century 3rd & 4th Editions.

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