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Shy beginnings to presentation skills specialist, executive speech coach and speaker, Suzannah Baum has learned what it takes to WOW! your audience. Whether you want to learn to speak better online or in person you won’t want to miss this highly informative episode.

Listen in as Suzannah shares her insights into the key steps for creating engaging, compelling presentations, that will allow you to step out in front of audiences with confidence, build your career and business, all while standing out as the leader that you truly are.

Grand Connection Takeaways:
Introductions (00:00)
Extremely Shy Beginnings (3:10)
Please Help Me Feel Better (11:21)
Let’s Get Clear & Focused (13:59)
What Is The Structure? (15:39)
Favorite Transformational Processes (19:43)
Tired Of Being Overlooked (32:23)
Different Kinds Of Presentations (40:43)
Done Is Better Than Perfect (47:40)
My First Book (52:53)
Find Your Supportive Group (1:00:21)

Meet Suzannah Baum
A presentation skills specialist, executive speech coach and speaker, Suzannah works with business professionals who want to position themselves as leaders by delivering more engaging, compelling presentations, allowing them to step out in front of audiences with confidence, build their careers and businesses, and stand out as the leader that they are.

Suzannah also applies her presentation strategies and certification in the DISCModel of Human Behavior to help clients better understand their own unique communication style and strengths, as well as the communication styles of the individuals on their team. This provides them with powerful strategies to adapt their communications in a way that will resonate most with diverse teams, stakeholders and audiences, thus enabling them to lead, motivate and inspire in the most effective way possible.

Suzannah has been featured as a returning guest expert on Global TV News, Breakfast TV Montreal, CJAD Montreal radio, the Montreal Gazette, and Elle Canada, and is a contributing writer for the Huffington Post. She is a current National Board member and a past Chapter President at the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, an Certified Virtual Presenter, and always travels with chocolate.

Suzannah lives in Montreal, Canada, where she shares her residence with her husband, 10-year old son, and a very bossy budgie bird. Suzannah will be publishing her first book (title tbd!) in Autumn 2021.

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Meet the Hosts:

Susan Jarema – New Earth Marketing

Susan has been an entrepreneur all her life. Since her first lemonade stand, she has completed 2 marketing degrees, built from scratch several businesses and helped in the launch of hundreds of new ventures. Susan lives and breathes marketing and combines it with strategy, technology and practical tactics. She has been selling online since 1995, much before google! And has seen it all. Susan, an expert in SEO & conversions calls herself an internetologist and now helps entrepreneurs and companies succeed online. Her programming company New Earth Marketing of 12 years, helps small businesses have a winning website and marketing engine that turns leads into sales.

Carolyn Cooper-McOuatt – Inspired Business Development

Carolyn has spent over 40 years in sales, marketing and teaching business with a commitment to always be curious, purposeful and passionate about business skills and mindset management. She brings a spirit of energy that is contagious and inspiring. Her focus is to be an advocate, mentor, cheerleader and sounding board for the businesses she teaches and coaches. Carolyn is dedicated to support and guide her clients to dig deep to clarify and own their unique service/product value. She assists them to construct an Inspired Business Plan of structure, focus and accountability.

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