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“What can you do to WOW, your customers?” Terra Bohlmann

With Terra, we learned the importance of creating a customer experience system and how it can help us move forward in our business with less overwhelm…

#1. Buying Decisions – Reduce your refunds with no-buyer’s regret.
#2. Save Time – With automation and outsourcing of repeatable action items.
#3. Referral Program – Make it so, happy buyers want to create referral business for you.
#4. Be The Expert – Quickly bring massive value to your clients with your expertise.
#5. Feedback – See where improvement is needed by allowing clients to share their input.

With a “Do Less, Make More” mindset we can create the customer experience that WOW’s without driving ourselves into the ground with repeatable steps that can be either outsourced or automated. No more do we have to run ourselves ragged trying to do it all, all the time.

Systematize, automate & outsource the repeatable processes as often as possible, so you can stop being a business and instead start running one.

Terra Bohlmann is a business strategist who helps women business owners accomplish in one year what would normally take five-years. As the creator of “The Business Map Method™, she has crafted over a hundred custom business models for clients who have gone on to build six and seven-figure businesses. Through her speaking, training, coaching, and live events production, she’s impacted thousands of women business owners across the United States and Canada. Terra has been featured in publications and podcasts including Forbes, The Huffington Post, and The Sigrun Show. She’s also the host of The Fast-Track Woman Podcast with Terra Bohlmann.
Her home to Houston, Texas where she lives with her husband, three boys, a spoiled Australian Shepard, and an entitled rescue cat. Terra’s forthcoming book, The Fast-Track Woman: Create Your First-Class Business with Clarity and Confidence, is due out in 2022.

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