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In this interview, Eric shared with us some of his background in his career and many grand tips to make sales easy for us all.

Eric Lofholm, best-selling author of “The System”, and master sales trainer who has helped over 10,000 students make more sales join us on the podcast today.

If you are someone who is struggling when it comes to sales, Eric was once where you are now. Struggling to make a sale, on the brink of being let go and in stepped his first mentor that spoke his language and turned it all around.

After soaking up everything he could learn Eric not only began to make sales but he went from worst to first in 60 days.

Are you ready to level up your business? Join us for this week’s episode of the “Grand Potential”.


Grand Connection Takeaways:
Introductions (00:00)
Learning How To Think Differently (5:47)
Influence Has To Do With… (9:03)
The Power Of The System (15:50)
Just Listen (21:34)
Reach Out (27:22)
You Need The Skill Set (29:42)
Automation (31:59)
Start With The Mindset (38:51)



Eric Lofholm has taught his proven sales systems to thousands of professionals around the world. He is President and CEO of Eric Lofholm International, Inc., an organization he founded to professionally train people on the art and science of selling.

Eric began his career as a sales failure. At his first sales job he was put on quota probation after failing to meeting the minimum quota two months in a row. It was at this point that Eric met his sales mentor. After being professionally trained Eric achieved his quota and eventually become the top producer at that company. Eric went on to become the top producer at 2 more companies prior to starting Eric Lofholm International. Eric is a naturally gifted teacher. For over 20 years, Eric has been sharing his proven sales increasing ideas with people all over the world.

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Susan Jarema – New Earth Marketing

Susan has been an entrepreneur all her life. Since her first lemonade stand, she has completed 2 marketing degrees, built from scratch several businesses and helped in the launch of hundreds of new ventures. Susan lives and breathes marketing and combines it with strategy, technology and practical tactics. She has been selling online since 1995, much before google! And has seen it all. Susan, an expert in SEO & conversions calls herself an internetologist and now helps entrepreneurs and companies succeed online. Her programming company New Earth Marketing of 12 years, helps small businesses have a winning website and marketing engine that turns leads into sales.

Carolyn Cooper-McOuatt – Inspired Business Development

Carolyn has spent over 40 years in sales, marketing and teaching business with a commitment to always be curious, purposeful and passionate about business skills and mindset management. She brings a spirit of energy that is contagious and inspiring. Her focus is to be an advocate, mentor, cheerleader and sounding board for the businesses she teaches and coaches. Carolyn is dedicated to support and guide her clients to dig deep to clarify and own their unique service/product value. She assists them to construct an Inspired Business Plan of structure, focus and accountability.

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