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Once a shy, nervous little girl, our guest, Tonya Hofmann of BeeKonnected, faced her fears to become a successful international speaker and best-selling author who has built and sold multiple companies over the years. It was on this journey that Tonya realized early on, no one wants to buy our stuff just because we are selling it. Rather sales and the resulting successes, come through what she likes to call building “warm market referrals”.

These referrals are a direct result of making connections, creating collaborations and starting joint venture partnerships with others.

Join us for this week’s Grand Interview as we discuss getting out there despite our fears, making those long lasting connections and creating the success we are seeking both in business and in life. The faster we can get over our fears, the more we can accomplish.

Grand Connection Takeaways:
Introductions (00:00)
Suffered In Silence (5:00)
Show Up & Create Visibility (8:19)
Creating Real Impact (12:41)
Connection Generator (15:56)
Incredible Team (20:26)
Fill Out Your Profile (22:28)
Hanging Out With Extroverts (27:19)

Meet Tonya Hofmann

Tonya Hofmann started her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 25 founding two retail stores in Houston grossing a million a year. Since then, she has created two business organizations that expanded to 35 locations that she later sold.

She created the International Public Speakers Association that was in 25 countries which was sold just before the pandemic. At this time she helped create and is now the CEO of newly established networking platform BeeKonnected that is already in 90 Countries. Tonya is also a celebrated author of 8 books, cover of 5 magazines and an award winning entrepreneur.

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