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This article provided by Jessica Koch.

In this training we will cover two main points:

1. Tasks that need to be completed for You to scale your business
2. Tools You can use to achieve them

Here is the Check list: 15 Things A Virtual Assistant can do for you today!
1. Notifications
2. Creating events for you
3. Research
4. Excel sheets
5. CRM
6. Email
7. Chat notes
8. LinkedIn connections
9. Groups
10. Keyword list
11. Supporting Your Podcast via technology
12. Social media content strategy
13. Blogging
14. Clean up Transcriptions
15. Direct messaging campaigns


  • Canva
  • Trello

When you go to hire a Virtual Assistant or any new team member, employee, or event coach or consultant, establish clear expectations.

Consider the qualities and skills you would like the person so have for the tasks you need completed.

Have a reasonable comprehension of what abilities you are searching for in your remote helper. Is it true that they will deal with your online media? Do they require insight with Quickbooks? Are they able to do sales calls for you? Do you require somebody to assemble your next PowerPoint show? Would it be advisable for them to have video editing skills and access to unique software? Client care insight? You get the picture. Make your rundown of requirements and attempt to fill as a considerable lot of those as you can. In any case, recall, nobody knows it all.

Have regular meetings with your team. A critical distinction between recruiting a full-time representative and a remote helper is actual presence. You ought to, subsequently, search for a remote helper who keeps up with complete straightforwardness in correspondence consistently. Set up easy ways to communicate, video can be helpful as English is usually a second language and body language and eye contact can really help!!

Choose great ways to communicate. Pick a Communications Channel and Approach

One of the critical approaches to keep correspondences open is to embrace a stage and style of interchanges that you both stick to. Openness is of the utmost importance in any relationship, particularly with somebody who doesn’t work in your office. Set up a cycle that works for you. Is there an every day call? Do you utilize Skype or Zoom? Is Slack piece of your correspondence schedule? It’s dependent upon you to decide an open line of correspondence that keeps the two players educated. Don’t forget Trello may really help with organization of outstanding projects!

Written by Jessica Koch

Jessica is a National Speaker and Webinar Teacher with numerous references. You can find  her at  Jessica Koch of Jessica L. Koch Consulting LLC

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