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Another fantastic event aka BEACH PARTAY!!! Who knew we could have so much fun while learning and making so many new, incredible connections. Thank you to all of our community contributors for joining us and sharing your wealth of knowledge with us all. We truly appreciate you and your taking the time to help us all improve our businesses.


Jill Lublin – Publicity

Take big steps or even multiple little steps, so long as we are making forward progress towards our success. Jill talked to us about the importance of publicity for our maximum exposure. To help get us she shared her top 3 tips for our path to publicity…

  • Create the Ooh! Aah! Factor – what is it you can share that will grab someone’s attention?
  • Get Out There – Are people looking at you like I have seen you somewhere before?
  • Network – Show up at networking events like ours & build that face to face connection.

Jackie Lapin – Support

Do you have a Speaker One Sheet ready to go? If not, then Jackie has 4 tips on what to include to get you started…

MESSAGE – What problem do you solve? How will you change lives?

  • BIO – Create a compelling bio that includes your value offer, credentials, skills and don’t forget your testimonials.
  • WRITE UP – Come up with a snappy title – describe yourself in 1 paragraph with 3 bullet points of importance – as well as your 3 talk options that you are comfortable to speak on.
  • HEADSHOT – Include a professional headshot of yourself. If you have 2 pages feel free to add in a couple of extra options that can be used in promotional material.
  • PROFESSIONAL – Above all else keep the design professional, modern and eye-catching while keeping it authentic to you as this will be what makes you stand out from the rest.

Michelle Abraham – Podcasting

Podcasting is the perfect medium to get in front of multitudes of people and the best news is that you don’t even have to host one yourself. Instead you can take advantage of someone’s else’s audience by guesting on their show. They’ve done all the legwork of building the audience and you can show up to share your wealth of knowledge. This is a benefit to not only you but also their audience as well.

Michelle recommends that we do the following BEFORE we ask to be on a show…

  1. Subscribe to their podcast
  2. Leave them a nice review
  3. Follow them on social media
  4. Engage with their audience and join in on the conversation.

This establishes you as someone who cares enough to get to know another before asking them for anything. The engagement part signals to them that you really know your stuff and are willing to share it without anything in return.

Jon Moore – Digital Tools for Events

When it comes to events it is best to keep it simple or as Jon says “K.I.S.S” aka “Keep It Simple Stupid”. Who doesn’t love simple set ups? This means we can tailor our events to what works for us and more importantly the audience we are trying to reach. This extends to deciding what platform we will host our event on and what tech involved there we will include.

This is where knowing your audience comes in handy – often they will ignore anything that does not feed into the original reason they chose to attend. So what is your focus?

  • Top Shelf Speakers – will have you prioritizing delivery and access
  • Speaker Interaction – means we have to prioritize the question interface
  • Attendee Interaction – prioritizing the networking tools

The best way to establish this focus and be professional in your presentations is to practice the mastery of your tools. Ask your peers to join an event and share their feedback on what should change, what they liked and maybe what can be added in. Never hurts to have a fresh set of eyes.

Kimberly Crowe – Speaking Stages

Are you ready to get on a stage? Did you know that there are five options when it comes to stages? Thanks to Kimberly, her upbeat enthusiasm and energy now we all know exactly what those are …

  1. Speak to Sell – this is where you can get on stage to sell your product or program.
  2. Paid Speaking – Get on stage for a fee and share your knowledge with the world.
  3. Authority (credibility) – Showcase your authority as a leader in your niche. (ie:TedX)
  4. Rehearsal – The perfect way to build connections and receive feedback on your talk.
  5. Your Very Own – This is of course where you can really shine and be the main event.

Jim Padilla – Profits

Who here would love to bring in 5-6 figures regularly without all the hustle and effort of starting at “0” on the 1st of each month? If so, then live events may be your very best friend.

As Jim says they allow us to make an impact with many people all at once. Leave behind the 1 to 1 meetups that are eating up all of your time and limiting us on how many we can take on in a month.

A live event may seem daunting at first but the truth is the more we do them the better they get, the more people we will reach and the more speaking opportunities we will receive. Who doesn’t want that?

Feeling a little overwhelmed with all the information thrown at you these past 2 weeks then you will not want to miss our upcoming mastermind with Susan and Carolyn where they will help us to gain clarity and focus around our messaging and marketing strategy.  

We also have some generous offers from our partners!

Jim Padilla of Gain the Edge Now

Jon Moore- The Asset

  • Tech Talk Special Event – just for you!  (Free Event) This is a rare opportunity to ask your burning tech questions to a digital technology specialist.

From Jackie Lapin of Speakertunity:

Jill Lublin – Master Publicity Strategist

Kimberly Crowe of Entrepreneurs Rocket Fuel and Speakers Playhouse

Michelle Abraham of Amplifyou 


Don’t forget to mark your calendars for our upcoming events in July:

July 24th – Marketing Mastermind
July 28th – LinkedIn Party 
July 30th – When Great Is Not Enough: Understanding Your Cumulative Advantage

All the details are listed out on our events page on the website at:

Finally, CONGRATULATIONS to our contest winners!

Jo Hassan from Australia is the Selfie Contest winner of a Web maintenance package that include an SEO + Conversions Audit from Susan Jarema of New Earth Marketing.

Best Costume goes to Cheryl Brewster with her Pirate hat!  She is the winner of the SpeakerTunity TEDx Directory ($99), donated by Jackie Lapin.

Best Background goes to Jennifer Lyall with the yummy cocktail tempting us all.  She is the winner of Jill Lublin’s virtual live interactive publicity course! (Value is $197).

And Steve Gaston won the draw for the podcast interview with Jim Padillo at the Make More Sales Podcast.


Until next time, enjoy the Grand Adventureconnect, create & collaborate to reach your Grand Potential!