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Are you looking for more clarity, focus and a return on investment from your marketing investment? 

By popular demand, Susan and Carolyn are offering the community a marketing mastermind. Bring your burning marketing questions and marketing materials to share and get real-time feedback to help you get clarity and focus on your brand, messaging and strategies.

There will be some volunteer hot seats and small group activities in the breakout rooms.

Join Susan, Carolyn and other marketing experts from our community for peer-to-peer learning through the process of masterminds.

Date: July 24, 2021
Time: 2 hours
10:00 am – 12:00 pm PDT (Time converter)
1:00 pm – 3:00 pm EDT
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm BST (UK)
Location: Zoom
Price: Free for Members and Friends

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Susan Jarema B Comm, MBA
President New Earth Marketing & Co-founder Grand Connection

Susan has been an entrepreneur all her life. Since her first lemonade stand, she has completed two marketing degrees, built from scratch several businesses and helped in the launch of hundreds of new ventures. She has been training entrepreneurs and selling online since 1995, much before google! … and has seen it all. Susan, an expert in SEO & conversions calls herself an internetologist. She is the co-creator of the AIMS Agile Integrated Marketing and Sales Program through which she helps entrepreneurs and companies succeed online. Susan is passionate about the power of networking, collaborating and masterminds to grow your business.


Carolyn Cooper McOuatt
President Inspired Business Development & Co-founder Grand Connection

Carolyn has guided thousands of entrepreneurs to gain clarity and create an executable plan. She brings a deep passion and purpose to nurture, guide and lead each person to their unlimited human potential and to build the business they have always dreamed it to be. She has been learning and leading people to “Live above the Line” for more than three decades. The focus is to build a positive business future with a crystal-clear vision, meaningful direction, purpose and plans of action as well as experiencing a community of support. Through her Grand Connection meaningful mastermind groups and inspired business planning programs people transform their businesses and become the leaders they are meant to be, set strategic goals, take bigger risks, and have a community to celebrate their wins!


You Never Know Who You Will Meet!
Members have made many lasting relationships in the group that have turned into collaborative ventures, podcast interviews, partnerships, referral partners and good clients! The opportunity is to meet with like minded businesses to share skills, receive advice and collaborate! Strategic alliances are essential to business growth.

The Power of Masterminds
Our mastermind format allows for an interactive experience to get peer to peer support and feedback in smaller groups. Everyone has something to share and through community we can all become better together. Carolyn had been training facilitators and running masterminds for decades. The Grand Connection is committed to the power of this process to grow your business.