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Do you have your listings in? Listings are different from your directory profiles. Listing are visible to the public and shared by our marketing team in social media and in our emails to our full list. This is an opportunity for you to promote your offerings and a great way to get visibility for an upcoming event or program. This is included in your membership.

You can list your podcast, book, program, course, challenge, summit, event, app, special offer and more.

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How Many Listings Can I Have? (3 at a time)

You may have 3 listings posted at a time. We recommend using 2 for things like your book, podcast and ongoing events. Use one of your listings for your next upcoming event. Please put the date in the title. It will be unpublished after the event and you can add in the next event.

What Happens Next?

Your listing needs to be completed to be published and shared.
Listings can only be added by members and are visible to the public.
We will be sharing the listings on social media.