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We are thrilled to take part on GC members Stephanie Treasure’s summit and share on March 16 our strategies on successful networking and collaboration.

Our new member Stephanie Treasure is hosting a summit (our interview will air on March 16). It is a unique format with informative panel-style interviews, daily interactive LIVE training, LIVE networking, LIVE implementation sessions with free coaching, exciting prizes and a beautiful downloadable handbook with key resources and summit guide – ALL FREE.

• Scalable Marketing & Sales without a Big Budget
• SPEAKING: The fastest way to successful selling and growing your business
• Making the most of the time you have
• Create Your Signature Online Event to Enroll Clients Every Month!
• Soul-Guided to Sacred Success
• Grand Connections: The 6 Grand Principles of Networking
• Inside Secrets to Pitching, being Interviewed, and Leveraging Press For Your Business
• The Mindset of Visibility
• How to Make Better Videos

AND MORE! PLUS Daily interactive LIVE training in a private Facebook Group.