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Join Susan and Carolyn for an interview May 26 3:30 pm PDT at the Spiral Dynamics Coaches Summit. This summit is free for everyone! If you are a coach or interested in learning more about a multitude of business topics, we welcome you. Our talk is on networking and we’d love to have you join us! We are going to share our philosophy on the Network Effect and The Grand Connection Six Essential Principles of Networking that create successful collaborations, supportive and profitable referral partners, and meaningful joint ventures.

On May 24th – 26th, the Spiral Dynamics® Coaches’ Summit is featuring some of the world’s best speakers, coaches and educators on “How to Rock ALL Aspects of Coaching”. Natasha Todorovic, the founder of this summit, was a panel speaker at our April 9 Grand Connection and shared a wealth of knowledge for our community. You can watch her talk in our facebook group.

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