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If you are new to our community and not yet a member, we welcome you to explore.

  • You may attend 2 events for free as a guest. For the Master classes and workshops ask a fellow member or send a message to to get a one time access coupon.
  • We invite you to join as a member where you can get your profile in the Membership hub, join a group, add a listing, and start connecting!

About the Grand Connection:
The Grand Connection is a supportive global community that provides education, inspiration and support you need through EDUnetworking to reach your Grand Potential. Connect, create and collaborate with like minded leaders who share the values of Grand Giving. You are supported in your business growth through skill sharing, collaborative marketing opportunities and peer to peer learning.

What is Grand Giving
Grand Giving is the underlying foundation of our three core values – connect, create and collaborate. It is through being in service in our community that we support each other and grow through sharing resources, skills, expertise, connections, referrals and opportunities. “Grand Giving” allows everyone to gain the most and win, win, win opportunities are created.

Our Events:

We have a variety of events. You may attend 2 events for free as a guest!

Grand Connection Speaker Events: These are bigger events with warm-up networking, a keynote speaker, Q&A, and a mastermind discussion in small groups. Sometimes we all stay on at the end for the “after-party” to connect more and answer questions about membership, member benefits and collaborative marketing opportunities.

Grand Connection Partner Events: Also a large event, we partner with other networking communities to bring you opportunities to make more connections and learn from their leaders. This format has short talks followed by networking. We try to have 4-5 rounds of networking.

Master Classes: Generously offered by experts in our community, these smaller 2 hour workshops are experiential and allow us to go deeper on the month’s theme. They usually have breakouts where you get the opportunity to meet members of the community through interactive small group activities.

Member Mingles: Member Mingle events are more intimate meetings that are designed for members to get to know each other better to build collaborative partnerships, receive and share feedback and share marketing opportunities.

Success Session: These follow the mingle and are open office hours to answer any questions on your membership. Discuss ways to make more connections, complete a profile, add listings and other opportunities to gain visibility. Susan is also available to help you with your marketing questions … lead magnets, conversions strategies, SEO, sales funnels and more. Bring your questions!

Member Mixers: At our Member Mixer Events, we partner exclusively with one other networking organization in a different country. Members from both groups have the opportunity to connect and build relationships through fun activities.

The Grand Podcasters Group: This is a place where podcasters can connect to share values, make an impact, and reach a large audience through community. This group, included in your membership, meets every 2nd Tuesday of the month.

LinkedIn Posting Parties: The Grand Connection has partnered with EPIC! to offer our community the ever popular LinkedIn Posting parties on a monthly basis. This is a great way to grow your connections, get more views on your posts and have some fun at the same time. These events are open to all.

New to Online Networking?

Online networking saves you time, money and allows you to reach new markets easily. For most entrepreneurs networking is the most economical and effective marketing strategy for your business. We are here to help you learn to do this the right way and find collaborative opportunities to help you succeed.

It’s easier and more effective than you think! Everyone is very friendly and here to support you. Some networking tips include watching the time limits, listening more than you talk and practising a short introduction ahead. Make your intros short and memorable. A good intro shares how you solve a problem for your clients. Many members start off by reading their script, that’s ok 🙂 Please have your camera, good lighting and microphone available. If your microphone is not clear, you can sync your phone. We welcome you to practice your short introduction ahead and have your contact info with a hyperlink to connect prepared to share in the chat.

Not Yet Sure About Joining?

Our mission is to help you succeed. Stay on at the end of an event to ask us about our cooperative marketing opportunities to give you visibility such as our listings, grand giveaways, conference, livestreams, grand connection stories, buffet ebook, flipbooks, and member articles. Also ask us or others about all the great talks in the video library and our member benefits including the enhanced zoom package for 12.99 a month (saving you hundreds).

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