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The Breast Connection Presents…. “Prevention is Forever!”

As the Co-Founders of The Breast Connection: Prevention + Healing

We invite you to join us as we welcome our guest speaker, Dr. Barb Hughson, MSEd and EdD, Leadership Coach, Educator, and Family Law Mediator.  –to share her knowledge and expertise on Tuesday, 11/8, from 7-8pm EST/4-5pm PST.

Topic: Prevention is Forever!

Come hear Dr. Barb speak about the importance of prevention and some effective screening tools that you can incorporate into your healthcare routine to prevent breast cancer and other types of disease.  As President and Director of Education for The Becky Baker Foundation, Dr. Barb’s mission is to save lives through gifting screenings (both breast thermograms or mammograms) AND teach about the importance of prevention.  She will show you how to create a healthier life from the inside out, be proactive about your health, and become inspired to learn about various forms of prevention so you feel empowered to enjoy great health and well-being!

Remember, Knowledge is Power!

Register Here:

Come join us virtually on Tuesday, 11/8 (free of charge) from 7-8pm EST/4-5pm PST to gain valuable knowledge, connect with a fabulous community, and get inspired and empowered about your health and well-being!

We believe that we HEAL & THRIVE Together!