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Join us as we breathe new life into your business!

At the Business from the Heart Conference, you will learn from industry leaders and connect with fellow business owners and professionals. If you want to cut through the BS and learn strategies to grow your business this event is for you!

We are thrilled to bring you a unique spin on the dull old Zoom Conference by incorporating wellness breaks to fuel the mind, body, and soul, plus connection breakouts to build community and connection.

What are you waiting for? Get ready to propel yourself and your business to a whole new level with this year’s Business from the Heart Conference and Awards Gala!

Many GC members have been nominated including the Grand Connection for Impact Award and People’s Choice Award Canada.

Learn from leading industry experts, position yourself with forward-thinking individuals, and celebrate community!

GC Community can receive $25 off the ticket price with the coupon GRAND2022.