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We are thrilled to be speaking at the Virtual Assistant Virtuosos Summit Season 22 on October 24-28th.

This Summit will help you FIND and RETAIN clients in your service-based business. Because without clients you won’t make any money right?

Susan Jarema and Carolyn Cooper-McOuatt will be talking about the 6 Grand Principles of Networking on Oct 27 at 9:00 am PT.

Whether you are a brand new Virtual Assistant (VA) just starting or a seasoned service-based freelancer there is something for everyone at this Summit!

As a new VA you’ll walk away amazed and inspired by all the opportunities in this industry that you’ll be all fired up to get your business started. And as for you seasoned VAs, your excitement will be hard to contain wanting to start implementing all the strategies and tips you’ve learned at the Summit.

PLUS if you’ve ever attended before you already know that the networking to connect you up to all the makers and shakers in the VA industry is absolutely amazing as everyone that matters in the VA world is virtually here.

This summit is for service-based business owner that wants to learn…

  • How to get booked solid with high-end clients
  • Figure out how to master the art of landing new clients
  • Learn the best ways to close the deal with a new client
  • Discover who your clients are and what they want
  • How to make 5K+ every single month
  • Unlock networking secrets to obtain a full roster of clients

You don’t want to miss this awesome event to help you gain & retain more clients in your service-based business.

Tawnya has kindly set it up so you can get into the Summit Live for FREE.