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Carolyn Cooper-McOuatt had the pleasure of being interviewed on Influence Publishing, an independent partner publisher, providing the expertise and distribution of a trade publishing house.

Carolyn discussed how the Grand Connection, impacts others through giving and much more!

In this episode, Carolyn brings her passionate energy for life, and her business to this Influence Publishing podcast. Carolyn and Susan share the vision to free businesses from fear in order to step up and serve the world from their highest self. She also shares a great opportunity to join them for a free event on Jan 21 with Mike Vardy as he teaches his unique approach to productivity and revolutionizing the way we work.

This is the podcast about YOU discovering your life with collective purpose. Be inspired by our guests that share how they found their joyful, purposeful life. Learn how you too can overcome any trauma and live a life with no regrets.
Julie Ann is the Founder of Influence Publishing Inc and a TEDx Speaker.

In the last ten years, she has published over 300 authors and made over 80% of those International Best Sellers. She claims to be the world’s only Dyslexic book publisher and her TEDx Talk on “The Gift of Dyslexia” has had almost 100,000 views.

She has been featured on British and Canadian TV, The Daily Mail, International Radio, and Podcasts and conducted many inspirational speeches. She has won many awards including The Golden Gavel Speech contest, International Toastmasters, Woman of Worth Success and Soul, Unlimited Woman of Creativity, and The Canadian Business Excellence Awards, (Creative Book Publishing) in 2021.