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Put your hands in the air and give a round of applause for brand strategist Gerry Foster …and his incredibly inspiring, energy-filled talk where he shared his –



What was the last brand you purchased and why did you choose that particular brand? Was it because you know them, were you referred to them or simply because you trust them?

When it comes to sales the same connections apply to us and as sellers of services and products we all need to be striving for the level of “brand preference”. A level that has people automatically choosing us.

In order to reach this level of sales we must give our ideal client or customer a reason to pick us over the multitude of options out there.


With service based businesses we cannot offer a potential client a sample of our work. Instead we must turn our expertise into a product in their mind.

… So how do we do that? 

By answering the following 4 questions…

What problems do you solve?
What outcomes do you improve?
What miracles do you perform?
What emotional payoff do you provide?

By asking these questions we are able to make those emotional connections and provide unrivalled value to our following and show them how we can be of help.


Time to bring out the “Secret Sauce” – you know that little thing you do or offer that makes your brand worth more and brings in the dolla’ bills.

What is your secret sauce?


Apr 29 | Master Class on Marketing Strategy With Diana Lidstone and Susan Jarema
May 6 | Grand Connection Publicity
May 11 | LinkedIn Posting Party Grand Connection & EPIC!
May 18 | Member Mingle
May 18 | GC Member Success Session
May 26 | Master Class on PR with Guest Experts

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Online Training Course: Stand Out & Captivate by Gerry Foster (Value $497)

How to distinguish yourself in 3 fun & easy steps. Sign up for FREE here.

This video mini-course (a free gift to you), includes worksheets so you can apply what he teaches as you go through the training.

And if you become a member, you will also receive a Complimentary Brand Audit with Gerry. 

Free Brand Audit to Gain More Brand Traction (Value $497)

This VIP gift for members is a brand audit where Gerry formally muscle-tests your brand to see what’s going on, followed by a 1-on-1 one-hour zoom call to discuss your results! The value of this to your business is phenomenal. Much gratitude or Gerry to offer this to our community. Instructions for this are in the membership hub under member benefits (along with thousands of $ of other gifts and discounts).


GRAND GIVEAWAY | May 1 | We are excited to be offering another Giveaway!

The Spring Grand Giveaway is for businesses who serve professionals and business owners globally seeking growth and development.

The best gifts from you are digital assets of real value that you can give one to many and that demonstrates your authority and creates a trusted relationship.

Giveaways are a great way to build you your lists and get visibility. Plus… it’s a lovely way to get some exposure.

This is collaborative visibility and list building at its finest! Everyone participating contributes an enticing gift with a hot topic related to their service that has a set value.

The Grand Connection sets up a landing page of all the experts.

We all invite our tribes to sign up for thousands of dollars in free gifts. They register and can scroll through a giveaway page with all the gifts. On this page your gift banner and description with a link to your opt in will be there for you to get new leads.


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