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This past 13 months has been trying and we’ve had no choice but to pivot right along with it. Through it all, connections and relationships are what has made the difference in our ability to manage uncertainty.

After such an inspiring event we are so ready to get out there and make some new, deeper, more meaningful connections. Thanks to our three joint venture partners, Katrina Sawa of Jumpstart Your Biz, Kimberley Crowe of Entrepreneurs Rocketfuel and Bryan Daly of EPIC! Business Connections, we have a few more tools for making this happen!


“Connect more often, with more people in more ways!” – Katrina Sawa

Katrina Sawa lit a fire under us all with her tips for connection…Build Relationships * Build Community * Show Up * Be Visible – if we want our business to be successful. We do this through congruence in everything we create and put out, being bold in our presentation both in person and online and creating a website that WOW’s customers so they not only stay on it but want to connect with us and make that first purchase!!

“Givers will always gain!” – Bryan Daly

It is in proceeding without intent where Bryan says we will find our success. As business owners we need to offer our help and services without expectation of anything in return if we want to build long term connections and relationships. A heart of service goes a long way to bring in both direct business and word of mouth referrals; while at the same time helping others achieve the success they are seeking. Who can you help today?

“If it’s not fun; it’s not worth doing” – Kimberly Crowe

Collaboration is about more than just you mailing out something for a fellow business owner. There are a multitude of ways we can support each other that are both fun and creative. Kimberly suggested, buying someone’s book and creating a video review of it. Do they have an event coming up? Then why not post it, share it or like their page and subscribe to their group? The point is to have fun finding creative ways to connect with others and help build their business and in turn you will see the growth in your own.

Don’t forget to grab your FREEBIES from the event:

Download your copy of the “Zoom Blurb Template” and see a better ROI from your online networking  – from Katrina Sawa –

Sign up for the upcoming LinkedIn Global Posting Partyon May 5th. Join Bryan and many others in a connection party on LinkedIn where you will grow your connections, get more views on your posts and have some fun at the same time.

Join Kimberly and other speakers if you have an itch to get on more stages, get your messages out there, grow your revenue and reach with speaking, playing bigger, and having a whole lot of FUN along the way, you are going to LOVE this!
Here’s where you can access for FREE the Speakers Playhouse.

Finally, connect, create, and collaborate with us again at our next event, Friday May 7th | 11:30am – 1pm PDT on Zoom.

See you soon!