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Grand Potential Podcast


WHAT AN EVENT!!! Two incredible hours spent soaking up expertise from our three world class leadership speakers.

“Certainty is the mind’s way of adapting and freezing our belief and action in time.” ~Natasha Todorovic-Cowan

Are You Paying Attention?
Natasha Todorovic-Cowan drawing from her own experience of losing her fashion design company discussed the importance of being aware of your surroundings. Paying attention to what is happening with other companies, even ones outside of our industries can give us the knowledge necessary to avoid or simply lessen the impact of any hits that may be happening in the world around us.

We can be certain of who we are, the love we have for one another and of the skills and approach that we are developing in relating to each other if we remain aware and pay attention.


“Leadership has everything to do with who we are, how we live and our
ability to change the world around us for the better.” ~Steve Farber

Is Your Heart in it?
Steve Farber joined us to talk about how love is and has always been the foundation of leadership. The pandemic did not make this true, it just brought it to the forefront. If we want to create an environment where our clients and our team are in love with what we do we need to create a space that we ourselves love to work in. Real love challenges, debates and holds others accountable when they are not living up to the loving standards we have set for both ourselves and our company. When we love what we do and we share that love through our leadership, we draw in our ideal clients and find deeper, more meaningful success.

“Change the culture by changing the belief.” ~ Dan Clark

What Is Your Belief?
Dan Clark talked about his journey from injury to healing surrounded by disbelief. He never gave up on finding that one doctor who believed in his ability to heal despite everyone telling him it was impossible. The shift in our belief from how can we do this to why am I doing this makes all the difference in our recovery and our success.

In asking “why” the “how to” becomes clear and gives us the motivation needed to fight our way through the moments of struggle and into success. When we only focus on the what and how, we only engage the brain; if we look at the why and find our compelling wants, we engage both the head and the heart. This leads to our brains firing, blood pumping more rapidly, and the engagement of our muscles which work to move us into our peak performance.

We walked away from our event last Friday with a new outlook on how to bring more love into our leadership, a reminder on how to stay ahead by paying attention to what is happening around us and the motivation to get it all done through a greater understanding of our why.

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