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Grand Potential Podcast

Hilary DeCesare

This was a fabulous talk and we do recommend watching the recording if you missed it. Here are a few notes of interest.

Hilary asked us what is going well in our business and life and what is holding us back? She shared with us the ReLaunch Recipe for Change and its formula which is the foundation and asked if our vision for the future is super clear. Hilary recommended we have a plan and know our WHY behind it. Of interest is 95% of our decisions are made by our subconscious mind and that we need to OWN our energy. We have the ability to change our thoughts and have 60,000 thoughts an hour and 2000 visual images. Questions to think about: 1. What we are propagating?  2. If we could re-imagine three areas of our business / life what would they be and what is one small step we can take? Hilary said that stress is fear and resistance and that we CAN go from transition to transformation!

Hilary offered us The 7 Day Unstuck Challenge for free! Use the coupon code GRANDCONNECTION.

For those who missed the last event the video is in our Facebook Group. Here is the handout we used in the mastermind group Handout for the 7 Day Unstuck Challenge.

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