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Making it successfully to the top alone is no longer an option in our current world. It is through building relationships, and connections, creating collaborations and sharing our wealth of knowledge that we all find our way to the top together. Friday’s event was another fantastic opportunity for making this happen.

Find Your Own Authentic Voice

Denny Brown joined us from Ottawa Connect to share his 5 steps for finding our voice…

1) Brand Value – Come up with 30-50 items that best describe you – narrow down from there
2) Mission – Complete the statement – “I am going to_____________?
3) Customer Avatar – Be general to start and get more specific down the road as you grow.
4) Arch Enemy – Who is yours? Figure out their behaviour and then do the opposite.
5) Lingo – How is it you speak? What are your sayings?

Finding your voice and putting it out into the world brings in your loyal fans and followers who want to build a relationship with you and promote you without you ever having to ask.Have you found your authentic voice?

Be Present – Be Consistent – Be Intentional

Monica Henderson of MinkLife Motivation has managed to create for herself a successful global personal brand and thanks to her talk we now have the 3 steps it took to do so…

1) Hack The Law Of Attraction – Our beliefs hold power. Meaning if we have a negative thought we need to figure out the opposite and put our focus there in the positive instead.

2) Leverage The Power of 6 – We have the right to:

  • Own our own lives
  • Live in our truth
  • Take responsibility for our actions
  • Nurture our own life plan
  • Build strong authentic relationships
  • Stick to our plan

3) Apply Luck – Preparation + Opportunity = Luck. Luck comes into play when we have done the work such as; reset our mindset, write a vision story on what it is we really want, lay out a map on where we would like to go, create an accountability strategy and activate an action plan.

By doing the above we will find ourselves prepared and ready to show up for the healthier, wealthier and more fulfilled life that we all desire.

Support Each Other – Don’t Compete With Each Other

Iman Aghay of Success Road Academy joined us to talk about building our brand as a leader. Branding as a leader is all about our community’s experience of us. How people feel around us is our brand. This is where knowing and understanding the “Legacy Method” comes into play…

Legacy – Life Purpose: why is it that you do what you are doing?
Why – Your Story: this is what will inspire others around us to want to work with us.
Vehicle – Method or Strategy: how we will get our message out to the world and be seen.
Leverage – Agents of Change: those who are inspired by our story will help to get it out

In following this method we build a business aligned with our life purpose, so our life is no longer in the service to our business, but instead our business is in the service to our life. Are you ready to stand up as a leader in your niche and lead the way to change?

Thank you to our partners:

Monica Henderson of MinkLife Motivation

Denny Brown of Connect Ottawa offered a one-month Free VIP membership.

Iman Aghay of Success Road Academy

As if that wasn’t already enough knowledge to fill up our August – here comes our upcoming events to complete the month on personal branding

August 10th – MasterClass with Blair Kaplan Venables
August 11th – Tech Talk with Jonathan Moore
August 20th – Speaker Event with Lesley Everett

All the details are listed out on our events page on the website at:

Finally, CONGRATULATIONS, to our SELFIE CONTEST winners!!!

#1) Debbie Adams won the 1 hour “Recapture The Magic” session from Grand Connection member and facilitator Mike Stewart.

#2) Glory Gray won an “Akashic Reading:Intuitive Business Consult To Support Clarity In Your Business” from member and facilitator Cheryl Brewster.

Please reach out to these members or Susan to claim your prize! Don’t forget to share your selfie for this week’s contest on all the social channels with the hashtag – #grandconnection

We cannot wait to see all your smiling faces on our Grand Adventure.

Until next time, connect, create & collaborate!!