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Grand Potential Podcast

Michelle Abraham

Michelle shared her deep passion for podcasting, the global trending podcasting landscape and how podcasts amplify your influence.

She told us that we are in the golden age of podcasting with tons of room for growth.

No other platform even compares to podcasting in regard to time spent.

Facebook – 18.2 seconds
YouTube – 4 minutes 20 seconds
Instagram – 26 seconds

Google is now ranking podcast episodes higher than YouTube.

There are 3 opportunities for entrepreneurs: to be a host, guest or podcast manager.

Host: advantage is giving yourself a media cart, a reason to reach out to people and have a platform for them to be a guest. You also have full creative control and have your own show.

Guest: a great way to shine and share your message and expertise and get to know podcast hosts and build your influence.

Podcast Management: launch and manage shows and put on 30+ platforms out there.

What can a podcast do for you?

  1. Share your story, your expertise and knowledge
  2. Position yourself to be the expert
  3. Connection – use as a networking tool to build your network
  4. Like, Know & Trust – by sending potential customers to listen to your podcast it will help them to like, know and trust you. 

4 biggest things that stop smart and savvy entrepreneurs from having a podcast:

  1. Fear of being heard
  2. Technology – thinking you need so much equipment. Its simple, a microphone. 
  3. Perfectionism – perfectionism is stagnation. Just get going!
  4. Time – it doesn’t take much time. You can record all your episodes 1 day a month.

What we know is:

April 2020 1 million podcasts have been launched
Podcast listeners are loyal, affluent and educated.
80% listen to all or most of each episode and listen to an average of 7 shows a week

5 ways to amplify your influence using podcasting

  1. Connections – Build your network
  2. Position yourself as the expert
  3. Repurpose content with audio, video, YouTube, audiogram or write a book.
  4. Prequalified leads – know, like and trust
  5. Creating a movement with connection and collaboration

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