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FRIDAY’S GRAND GIVEAWAY EVENT …was exactly that, JAM PACKED FULL of giveaways both in knowledge and FREE gifts from 6 of our members… Plus over $8k in giveaways for everyone from all our members! Get them here!

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6 GC Members shared their wisdom and experience around Grand Giving.

“People without vision lose hope!” – Carey Conley

Carey Conley of Vision is Victory – shared her 3 reasons for why a vision plan will help your business…

1) Helps when making decisions on where to spend your time | money | who with
2) Helps you put in place metric based financial targets you want to reach.
3) Helps you get through adversities

Sit down and create a business vision – where do you want to be in 3-5 years?

“It’s NOT about you!!” – Rob Bedell

Rob Bedell of Bedell Enterprises spoke about building deeper, more connected relationships with others in business…

Make yourself memorable by building relationships around what it is your clients want, need and love. If you take the time to get to know them and really tune into how they are feeling people will notice that and gravitate to you because of it.

People want to feel seen and heard and it is no different in the world of business.

“My gift to you is TIME!!” – Jennifer Brown-Flewelling

Jennifer Brown-Flewelling of JEL Co shared her wisdom about investing in ourselves.

There is no harm in asking for help. In fact it is how we will see real growth and find the success that we are seeking. For this reason balance is necessary and we do this with outside help.

How full is your glass?

“Relationships are the foundation of everything we do!” – Alan Stevens

Alan Stevens of Human Pattern Recognition explained how you can uncover the hidden secrets of a person from the lines and expressions on their face.

Our faces give away a lot of information and if we can learn to read each expression just as we would words on a page we will learn what it is potential clients want and how best to connect with them for the desired outcome.

“Written or spoken, the right words make you more money!” – Zandra Bell

Zandra Bell of Zandra Bell Unlimited talked about our acceptance of the good things that come our way and not always being in the mode of giving away.

Oftentimes we feel less than we are, or we feel like an imposter and it causes us to brush off the good that comes our way since we don’t feel deserving of it. It is time to stop thinking we have to give, give, give before we can receive.

Step into your giving and receiving because both are possible and you deserve it.

“It’s hard to give when we feel depleted.” – Sopheia McMorris

Sopheia McMorris of Wisdom Speaks Life LLC shared her 3 reasons why it is important to give from a place of enough and even our overflow.

Have you ever wondered why it’s important to give from an overflowing cup? It’s hard to give when we feel depleted. However, when our cups are full to overflowing we gain the ability to have the:

  1. Power to endure
  2. Power to lead
  3. Power to make wise decisions

We cannot fill someone else’s cup if our cups aren’t full and overflowing for us.

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Winners for the best zoom background and costume go to JoAnne Kobylka and Sharon Luella!

  • JoAnne wins a Business Essentials Fast Start donated by Alan Stevens.
  • Sharon wins 2 complimentary tickets for yourself and a guest to Success Soirées for the Wise & Adventurous Businesswoman donated by Zandra Bell.


Dec 15 | Dec 15 Master Class Grand Giving Appreciation Marketing With Bonnie Chomica, Carolyn and Susan

Jan 21 | The 6 Rules of Productivity with Mike Vardy

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