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Over 150 grand givers met on Thursday Feb 17th to connect, create and collaborate. It was an incredible event that left each person with a whole new set of networking tools they can now take on to other events. If you missed this event, The replay (already posted in the Hub) is a must to catch up on and the free offers are absolutely GRAND. 

Kerry George | CIBN: Best Practices for Powerful Introductions at Networking Events

Kerry shared her top 5 best practices for introducing ourselves at networking events:

1] Dress the part – just because we can show up in our Zoom meeting with business on top and pajamas on the bottom doesn’t mean we should.

2] Smile – When meeting people, especially for the first time we need to look them in the eye and smile.

3] Make only one ask – Statistically, when we ask for more than one thing from the people in front of us they tend to more often than not forget what the previous options were.

4] When writing up your infomercial on what it is that you do, start by sharing what the results of your work before giving them your lead or offer.

5] Before you leave the networking event, don’t wait. Book a time to sit down with the people you want to connect with.

Steve Gaston | The Masterclass Sessions

Steve spoke on creating “powerful, power partners” by getting to know the people you are trying to network with. Do this by asking the deeper, more profound questions about who they are, what it is they do, how they do it and what they are hoping to accomplish. This information allows you to figure out how best you can serve them with your connections and come back to your next meeting with a list of ways you can help them. You need to listen to the replay on this!

Bryan Daly | EPIC! Business Connections: Building Meaningful Relationships with Networking Connections

Bryan shared his tips for creating meaningful business relationships by making friends. Friends like to help friends so if we approach our networking from this stance we increase our chances of successful partnerships that last long term. Do this by being…


…and give, give, GIVE!

Jay Fiset | JVology: The Art & Science of Profitable Joint Ventures

Stop wasting time on the wrong connections. So how do you know if you are making the right ones? Jay shared the three things he asks when it comes to figuring how who belongs in your upstream and/or downstream.

1. What problem do you solve?
2. What problem do you create
3. Do you have a powerful lead magnet?

When you are armed with the informed answers to these questions, you are more likely to partner with those people that are alligned with reaching your goals and reciprocally helping work towards their goals.

This recap above does not do the event or our speakers justice. There is way too much to pack into this recap alone. If you were unable to make it live please know that we do include the replay inside our membership where you can watch the entire event when it is convenient for you. This recording is priceless. 

Dive deeper with each speaker on their topic in the replay – [JOIN US]

Here are some great offers from our Grand Speakers:

Kerry George

Steve Gaston

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  • VIP GC Members: Level One Annual General Membership (Value £312)

Bryan Daly

  • Free Book Copy, “Social Security: The Cornerstone of Retirement Income”  (email him to get your copy).

Jay Fiset

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