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How much fun was Friday’s event? The energy and inspiration was really flowing.

As you know this month’s networking theme was creating long, lasting, relationships through good communications. Thanks to our joint venture partners Camille Miller of The Natural Life Business Partnership USA, Brian Morrison of Biz Social Networking of the UK and Kerry George of Kerry George from CIBN Connect in Canada we learned a few helpful tips to get us started…

Tip #1: Camille Miller – Connect: Look for the common ground between you and others by asking questions that show how much you care. Where is it that you can relate to others and how can you build relationships around that?

Tip #2: Brian Morrison – Create: Stand out and be remembered; not through sales but instead by being of service to others. What is it you can do to help someone reach their goals and achieve their dreams?

Tip #3: Kerry George – Collaborate: Find ways to come together with like-minded entrepreneurs through relationships that allow both sides to fill the other’s gaps. How can you work together to create successful, ongoing business opportunities for one another?

With a “service over sales” mindset we have the ability to grow our connections on a more personal level which in turn leads to greater opportunities in business for everyone involved. People gravitate towards the ones they know, like and trust so make your network valuable to others by being in service to them whenever you can.

This can be done through actions such as:

* Connecting others through personal introductions
* Offering your help or advice without expectations of anything in return
* Taking a personal interest in what it is that others are doing in the world

Last week’s event gave us the opportunity to practice some of these tips with other attendees and opened doors for new connections to be made in the process. The connections being made at these events are only going to get bigger and stronger so we hope to see you at the next one coming up on March 5th.

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